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A New Favorite: License to Grill

A few weeks ago, I was surfing channels on the tube and found a show called “License to Grill.” The show is on the Discovery Home Channel and is hosted by Rob Rainford.

I didn’t post about it previously, because I didn’t know whether I truly liked the show or not. At least not right away. It’s definitely grown on me. Rob Rainford hails from Canada, and his backyard plethora of grills makes a girl like me wanna go get more than one. He’s got an amazing outdoor kitchen, too. But who knew a guy from Canada could grill so good?

I haven’t found a show that I didn’t like at least one of the items he was cooking. Sometimes when you watch cooking shows you just *know* something doesn’t sound good. All of his grilled meals make my mouth water. And the other thing I like about his show is something that I equally like about Rachael Ray. I’ve learned a few tips and tricks from him (as I did from watching her show).

The one thing I need to do is 1) find some good wood chips here and 2) plan meals a bit better. He does a lot of dry rubs, marinades and smoking. I can’t seem to plan so far ahead, but he’s basically convinced me in a few short half hour shows that I should reconsider.

Check him out. He’s a bit quirky with a strange sense of humor (probably why I like the show!), and you’ll get jealous when you see his yard, his outdoor kitchen and his grills (hey…I did!), but you’ll drool and want to go invest in, like, 8 grills and a bunch of wood chips.

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

Boy Meets Grill with Bobby Flay is another good one. I LOVE grillin'. In fact, we grill year round, and we're in mid-Michigan! I'm always trying to find new marinades to inject into chicken. (Garlic butter is my favorite)

Chris said:

I have not seen this show but I am looking forward to it. This is twisted but two nights ago, my 6 y/o was watching Rachel Ray downstairs and told Alexis that his "weiner was growing strong". Oh my......

Thanks for the tip! Oh, if you want a comprehensive guide on grilling, check out the bbq faq. Email me and I'll send the link to you.

Janette said:

License to Grill is a cool show. I'm with you though, he's just too well prepared. All the prep, all the toys, the outdoor kitchen. I'm just so jealous! And you're right, everything he cooks sounds soooo yummy.

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