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The Punishment Does NOT Fit the Crime

Read this carefully, as there is a quiz at the end:

Hill, 56, pleaded guilty to sexually touching native kids as young as three.

His crimes began in the 1970s.

Three of the victims - two nieces and a nephew - are now in their 20s and 30s. The other three - two boys and a girl - are ages six, eight and 11.

Hill is a non-native who has been married for 32 years to a Westbank band member and has lived on the reserve for 15 years.

All the victims were native children, who were either related to Hill or were his neighbours. None of the victims can be identified.

Court heard descriptions from the three adult victims from prosecutor Martin Nadon.

The man who is now 35 was assaulted by Hill from the time he was four or five until he was 14. The assaults included anal and oral sex.

At one point, Hill used a battery charger to make sparks, warning the boy that he would administer electric shocks if the boy ever talked to anyone about the assaults..

The victim estimated he was assaulted by Hill 200 times.

A niece, now 24, said Hill had sex with her between the ages of five and 11. "She just remembered that it (intercourse) hurt a lot," said Nadon.

"She was crying because it hurt so much, but she thought it was OK because Hill was her uncle. After one episode, she was limping because of the pain, but told others she had fallen and hurt her leg."

She said Hill told her that if she ever told, her father wouldn’t love her anymore and her family would be ashamed.

Quiz:  Guess what the sentence was for this repeat offender, low life scum pedophile.