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Husker Happenings!

Saturday, September 10, 2005 was our kids’ first live and in person Husker game.  This is a ritual that most every child in Nebraska can and should experience.  We had a GREAT time!  The highlights:

  • Emily seeing real cheerleaders, getting to borrow their pom-poms and doing a "real cheer" for them (she proudly cheers "GO-BIG-RED")
  • Bradley and Emily attempting to sneak into the Champion’s Club (they got the lanyards, but not the entry tickets, darn it!)
  • The look on Bradley’s face the whole time (saucer eyes - especially knowing there were 78,000+ people there)
  • The look on Emily’s face when she saw the cheerleaders on the big screen - not to mention Li’l Red
  • The sea of red - it was incredible!
  • The parties and the tailgaters - they were everywhere!
  • While we were eating dinner (late, after the game), it took virtually the entire dinner before people were done rolling out of Memorial Stadium.  We saw a steady stream of people for an hour or better.
  • The defense - thank GAWD for the defense!
  • Emily taking her shoe off and waving it when the kicker was kicking the ball - along with thousands of other crazy Husker fans!
  • The light up sunglasses and Emily’s "cornhead."  That thing is HEAVY!

Here’s a few pictures to sum up the day.  Would I do it again?  In a heart beat!

Memorial Stadium - beeeeutiful, ain’t it?

One of the many parties on the way to the stadium.

The inside area at the same party (we’re up on the 6th floor).

Little Ms. Cornhead!  Note the Husker "tattoos" on her cheeks!

The scene behind us as we were walking toward the stadium!

The famous "tunnel walk!"

This is a great picture of the "sea of red."  It doesn’t do it justice, though.  This is only about 1/10th of the stadium (and it all looks like this).  It’s an amazing sight!

What do you think?  Have we raised them right?  They are Husker fans (isn’t that obvious?)….of COURSE we raised them right!

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Susan Anne Catherine Torres

I was saddened to learn that the baby born to Susan Torres, a severely brain-damaged woman who was on life support for 3 months while her baby grew and developed, passed away.

The infant’s condition had deteriorated rapidly during the weekend, according to the family. The baby’s prematurity led to an intestinal disorder and an infection that overwhelmed her body, and she died just after midnight, the hospital said.

My prayers are with the family.  I imagine little Susan’s daddy must be grieving more than I will ever know or comprehend.  I pray that he will find some level of peace after losing his wife and his daughter.