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White Trash Wednesday: Cocktails for the Common Folk

Who has got the time to prepare them damn fruity drinks - blenders, ice, little umbrellas and a twist of lime? Ain’t the purpose of drinkin’ liquor to get drunk? Why waste yer time mixing all that stuff up when I can get you some simple recipes.

Stuff you need to have that will allow you to get drunk:

1 glass or empty mason jar (I like them big ole mason jars - holds a lot of spirit iffin I do say)
water out of the hose or the sink, depending on where you sit
a big ole bottle of booze

Here’s recipes that’ll get you to your pink elephant reality real quick like:

Jack Daniels & Water

Pour a few glugs of good ole JD in your mason jar. Add a splash of water. Drink.

Wild Turkey & Water

Pour a few glugs of that Wild Turkey in your mason jar (once your JD is gone). Add a splash of water. Drink until gone.

Mad Dog 20/20

Hell with the mason jar and water. Pour that smooth stuff right into your mouth from that bottle. Drink until gone, makin’ sure you don’t spill none.

Store Brand Scotch

Get the cheapest damn scotch you can find. Sit in your chair. Drink right out of the bottle until gone. Chase it up with a shot of water, iffin you are still awake at this point.

Who needs those confarndit cityfolk concoctions? We got the stuff dreams are made of right here!

“White Trash” Wednesdays, Volume VII


We’re at it again, I say. If you look forward to shooting the s&!* with some of my cronies, please pull up a chair and your whittlin’ knife for adventure you won’t soon forget (unless Jack Daniels has something to say about it!). Please be sure to see all my White Trash friends on that list on yer right - no, yer other right.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Spears

I have always been fond of asparagus. Until I tried this recipe, I had always stuck with the canned spears - I’m not particularly fond of "crisp" asparagus, so steaming really didn’t do much for me. I saw an episode of "30 Minute Meals" with Rachael Ray - she did bacon-wrapped asparagus bundles. I had a slight variation on this theme by individually wrapping the spears in bacon and grilling them. Here’s my recipe:


1 bundle of fresh asparagus
center cut bacon
EVOO to coat
salt and pepper to taste
juice of one lemon


Snap the tough ends off the asparagus spears (they will give in the right place as you bend the spear). Coat with EVOO. Count the number of spears, and use enough bacon to allow for 1/2 strip of bacon to be wrapped around each spear. Wrap as tight as you can (I chose thin sliced bacon for this - it stretched a bit and remained snug). Season with salt and pepper. Place on hot grill, cooking until bacon is crisp and spears are tender. Toward end of cooking time, hit with the juice of the lemon.

I served this with country style BBQ pork ribs and baked potatoes. Very tasty!

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