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Road Kill Cookin’ - Water Fowl

Thought I’d share with you some recipes for White Trash Delicacies. Your chances of hitting water fowl are few unless you hit those parts of the backwoods that have swamplands or some other watery place. I reckon you would be best off iffin you borrowed BillyBob’s 4×4 to wade through all that. Here’s some bodacious bites that will set your heart aflight:Dakota Duck

Remove breasts from the ducks you’ve "purchased." Put in the glovebox and go home. Soak in a beer bath for several days in the styrofoam cooler you borrowed from Aunt Helen.Goodyear Goose

Simple. Fry that bad boy up in a nice turkey fryer. Hell - "purchase" a couple of ‘em - your turkey fryer’s got room!

Mix a couple eggs, salt, pepper, and dip meat in mixture. Roll in crushed saltines here - use them "extra" packs you can get at the fast food joints in town.

Fry ‘em up in hot oil until they is brown, but make sure it gets cooked thru. There ain’t nothin’ gives you the scoots like undercooked water fowl! Serve on a bed of Ramen Noodles or store brand mac ‘n cheese…. mmmmmMMM!

Use all yer Parts, cuz Parts is Parts

Lastly, I wanted to share with you fine folks that every part of your animal can get used when you are roadkill shopping. My Uncle Ernie, he done "purchased" him a cow (my uncle is the king of roadkill shoppin’ - he done got this cow with a mini cooper - wasn’t his mini cooper, don’tcha know, but boy howdy!). When he brought it home, his old lady went to work, and made sure she done used all the parts. Aunt Janine’s hard work paid off: