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The Cotillion - Stop by and Visit!

Please join the conservative women of the Cotillion today for their weekly round up hosted by A Mom and Her Blog, Girl on the Right, Mary Katharine Ham / Townhall C-Log and Not a Desperate Housewife.  With all that is going on in the news this week, you shouldn’t be disappointed! 

It’s Cotillion Time!

Please join the women of the Cotillion tomorrow for the weekly tour lead by hostesses small dead animals, Darleen’s Place, baldilocks and Maxed Out Mama.  You won’t regret stopping by! 

The Cotillion - The Weekly Party is Over!

The party is almost over and our amazing hostesses had some shindig!  Please stop by The Cotillion and link to some great posts by some extraordinary ladies!

Thanks so much to our hostesses this week:  Sisu, Portia Rediscovered, Ilyka Damen, and KelliPundit.  You all did an oustanding job!

The Cotillion - Our New Digs & a Housewarming

This week, the Cotillion officially moves to its new home!  New design, new home - what more could you ask for?  How about a housewarming party?!?

Well, even if you didn’t ask, I’m telling you that this week’s party is being hosted by four amazing conservative women:  Fistful of Fortnights, Who Tends the Fires, e-Claire and My VRWC.  Please be sure to stop by and thank them for such a great time!

Our Weekly Party AT the Cotillion!

The weekly party has begun!  Please stop over at The Cotillion to fill your head with some great posts by some great women!

This week’s hostesses have done a GREAT JOB and here they are:

Dr. Sanity
annika’s journal
Girl on the Right 

Put on Your Dancin’ Shoes - the Cotillion is Back!

The ladies of the Cotillion are back, with a big party on Tuesday!  A big thank you to our lovely hostesses for the week, Feisty Repartee, Sisu and Villianous Company.

We were also InstaLanched this week…great job, ladies!

The Cotillion - Dancing the Day Away!

I had the privilege to be highlighted over at the Cotillion by our very own debutante Jody at Steal the Bandwagon - she did an outstanding job pointing out my most excellent vacation, and in particular my strong liking of strong beverages!

Jody had great company, with Little Miss Atilla, The Anchoress and Reasoned Audacity as her most amazing co-hostesses.  Please check out their posts and all of the wonderful ladies of the Cotillion - you’ll be glad you did!

We’re Havin’ a Ball!

It’s party time again!  Please go visit us over at the Cotillion - and bring your dancin’ shoes! Er, seems as that’s too, well, nice.

As Beth might say:  Report at once to the mistresses (for your whippings?):

Crystal Clear
A Mom and Her Blog
Fistful of Fortnights

And don’t forget to stop over at the Cotillion website.  We have many new debutantes who have joined us - the party is even more exciting!

Update:  Beth…better?  I’m no chicken, dammit!

They Need No Introduction

They are at it again!  Another showcase of the best female conservative bloggers on the web!

Join this week’s hostesses:  Darlene’s Place, Who Tends The Fires & Right Girl over at the Cotillion!  They’ll be sure you have a marvelous time!   

The Cotillion Ball - Boop Boop Da Boop

Everyone remembers the Charleston.  A well-loved dance that originated in the early 1920s in Speakeasies during Prohibition, its energized, dynamic and vivacious moves perfectly personify the zeal of these following ladies of the ball.

Rightwingsparkle asks us a question of war, comparing the fanatical Islamic belief to that of a hornet’s nest.  She states it simply:  "This fanatical Islamic belief isn’t going away, it stung several times and will again if given the chance."

Over at sisu, Sissy is so glad sad-sack, glass-half-empty Kerry isn’t the Leader of the Free World. What does it say about his contempt for the American people when he embraces the "smoking gun" of Downing Street Memogate as "stunning, unbelievably simple and understandable"? Doh?  Amazing dance moves you have there, Kerry.

Kate from Small Dead Animals crosses the dance floor with her own take on potential chaos at next month’s G8 summit stirred by the absence of black musicians at the events staged to benefit Africans.  Kate gave us her own suggestion on how to handle the situation.

What is the difference between our Word and theirs?  Jody at Steal the Bandwagon steps us through the comparison, reminding us it is just another reason to pity the Muslims and their sad religion. Apparently they, too, have respect for their holy book, but it is seemingly nothing more than just words and sentences, grammar and syntax.  For them, no life is as sacred as the flimsy pages of a book.

TFS Magnum’s Zendo Deb brings us the story of a victim of an armed robbery - with a permit to carry a concealed weapon - who shot one of his assailants in self-defense.  Instead of a justified, self-defense shooting, a horrible instance of a child shot will be the song-and-dance of the Brady Campaign.  Whether this shooting is a tragedy, or prevented a tragedy depends on your point-of-view. 

One of our dear hostesses of the Cotillion Ball this week, our own princess, The American Princess, brings us harrowing tales of Oxfam and liberal Hollywooders who tried to fight poverty in China and all they got was a lousy bracelet

On a biblical note, The Anchoress is making like David come up against the Goliath of entrenched whack-a-doo feminism and slinging stones at a new bible translation that is "corrected" to portray Jesus as a woman

Dahling Fausta of The Bad Hair Blog foots it through a number of reviews in the New York Times and concludes that as far as the Times is concerned, some forms of class mobility are more equal than others.

Our dear Denita at Who Tends the Fires speaks of recent life events, dancing through such topics as shopping, a party with friends (and an observation in their not-so-differences), dangerous storms, the Swan Man, a surprise party and - we can’t forget - her birthday! 

We’re all quite envious of Beth at Yeah, Right, Whatever who is vacationing and exploring the hot spots of St. Louis.  She speaks of animals at the zoo and even those who break out of the zoo. Send us a postcard, dear, and many happy returns!   

As for me, I must thank our gracious web mistresses Beth, Janette and Jody for their support and enthusiasm.  They are truly Belles of the Ball!

I must now direct your attention to my lovely and talented co-hostesses our Dear Housewife, the darling Princess and all of their fine constituents.

…and now I must bid you a fond Adieu until we meet again!

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The Cotillion - The Dance, Part II

I’ll be a Hostess for the Best Party of the Week tomorrow.  Please join me, An American Housewife and The American Princess for The Dance, Part II.

The Cotillion - a Post-Party Wrap-Up!

Okay - so periodically I turn the television to E! Entertainment Television.  I know, I know - I should check myself into some twelve step program.  But you know how they have those post awards show wrap ups?  I just thought it would be fun to do the same on the great success of today’s debut of the Cotillion.  I am fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to participate in my small way in this rather grand event.

We were well-received in the blogosphere with an early morning link by Michelle Malkin.  How fun to be called a "hot conservative gal of the blogosphere!"  Later on in the day K.J. Lopez at The Corner on National Review Online pondered what Susan Estrich might think.  I do declare, I don’t believe we care what she may think.  Lastly, the Cotillion had a nice mention on CNN’s "Inside Politics" - exerpt of the transcript here (please pardon the errors and typos, ladies and gentlemen, however the emphasis is mine):   

So, bloggers, expanding, the most successful of them setting up companion sites to go with their regular blogs.

SCHECHNER: Now, another site of collaboration that wanted to show you today. Remember when you were a kid and you had to go to Cotillion (ph), the fancy dance where the boys had to learn to take the girls out. Well, today they formed the Cotillion it’s a CotillianBall.blogspot.com, and it’s a coalition of conservative female bloggers. We start over at CommonSenseRunsWild.typepad.com.  It’s Beth of My Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, Jody of Steal the Band Wagon, and then, Jeanette of Common Sense Runs Wild," the three of them, so the were annoyed at people saying, where are all the female bloggers? Where are their voices? Why aren’t they being heard?

So, what they did is they put together this collaboration of women. And it’s not based on linkage or traffic or anything like that. It’s basically just based on a group of women whose voices they liked and postings they liked. So, if you go to the companions that are the actual site itself, cotillion ball.globspot.com. Its got an introduction. Then it has a collection of women who are talking about various things. Just to bring some more female voices out there.

So ladies - we’ve been a part of history today!  Congratulations on a job well done to all, and in particular to our Web Mistresses Beth, Janette and Jody.  The ladies of the Cotillion Ball:

Potbelly Stove linked with Invitation to a Cotillion Ball
sisu linked with They could have danced all night
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Welcome to the Cotillion

"We ladies have gathered together for the presentation of these dazzling darlings of the blogosphere, and yes, proper etiquette dictates that you shall kindly direct your devoted attention to each of these fine young women! Please, gentlemen callers, remove your hats indoors in their presence! I do declare!"

I feel very privileged to be in the company of some of the best bloggers out there.  Surely you wouldn’t disagree.  Please take your turn at the Cotillion - you won’t be disappointed!

Ladies of the Cotillion:

Update: Beth, Janette and Jody have represented us well, ladies - Michelle Malkin has taken notice of these "Hot Conservative Gals of the Blogosphere."  Hopefully our dance cards will be full!


Watch for it May 31st

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