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Woman Beats Her Children to Death

Yet another monster who thinks they should play God…

DYER, Ind.A northwest Indiana mother has been charged with two counts of murder.

Police said she beat her two sons to death with a 10-pound dumbbell because she thought they’d be better off in heaven.

Magdalena Lopez was arrested after police officers answered a 911 call and found her 9-year-old son Antonio and 2-year-old son Erik dead in separate rooms of the family home in Dyer, Ind.

A police report said as officers approached the house, the mother walked out, her clothes and feet spattered with blood. She told officers she had to kill the children because she couldn’t take care of them anymore, saying, "They’re in a much better place now."

Relatives said Lopez was being treated for bipolar disorder but had been coping better recently. The boys’ father was at work when he was told of the deaths.

I don’t particularly care that Lopez was "being treated" for anything - I’m certain that little "issue" with bipolar disorder will set up Lopez for a nice little "innocent by reason of insanity" plea.  She does not deserve to breathe fresh air outside prison walls ever again.  These were innocent children - HER children.  Unbelievable. 

Jay said:

Unbeleiveable indeed! Blood now boiling!!!

Tammy said:

God, Merri, that's just sick. Hey, I admit, if I go a few days without talking my Zoloft, I can get a bit grumpy....but NEVER should any mom think like that. I can't even think of a punishment good enough for her.

Merri said:

I have grumpy days, too, but the thought of harming my children doesn't even enter my mind. That is the difference between the VAST majority of parents and these sickos - and why these sickos need to be removed from society.

Peter said:

You clearly have no understanding of mental illness and what it can drive people to do - do you think people with physical illnesses should be punished too?

Eric said:

Why, Peter, if they beat their children to death, why yes, they should be.

Merri said:

...and sounds like if Peter has his way, the prisons would be empty because the drug addict couldn't help himself, the clepto didn't have a choice, the gambler has an addiction and couldn't help but rob a bank at gun point and the pedophile, that mentally ill person, couldn't help but have sex with a 5 year old. Previously working in the healthcare industry, I saw the positive effects medication and therapy could have on people with mental illness, Peter. Mental illness cannot be an excuse for us to excuse and condone violent behavior. Mental illness or not, people who harm or kill others should not be in society to inflict further harm - simple enough.