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Now, some of you done talk about my fine and speshul jus. Any of you who partake in my elixur will know that it can give you some mighty fine powers of pursepshun. Things have a way of turning out how you want it when you’ve done drunk yerself into a frezy. I’ve had some of my friends done talk about this. Here is what they spoke of:

Family Pet Afore Dan’s drank the speshul jus:

Family Pet After Dan’s bender:

Ain’t that some magic? How about this? This is my cuzin Beula Mae’s boyfeller afore she drank the jus:

And lookee what a little jus will do fer him:

Well, it ain’t much better, but she didn’t drink enough, I reckon.

A since this is more like a food site, I recon I should show you what that thare Preston tried to eat. He had been on an 8 hour drunkfest and thought he was eating this:

This is what he actually chowed down on, and mind you it ain’t purty:

That damn Preston ate up Bit-Bit!!! Brittany, she was done pissed. But that nice feller, her man Federline got her another one. They named him Bite-Bite, in memery of dat traguty.

Hmmm…I’ll bet yer wonderin’ why I put that damn picture there. Well, just gotta say I’ve had a coupln nips of the juice myself and find that picture to be, well, just damn freaky. Looks like my idiut ex, but my ex had the eyes tattooed right on his face.

Now, doncha all know that ole Hector loves a lookin’ at them girly magazines. He had a few chugs of my magic jus and thought he was lookin’ at this:

You may not have this learnin of Hector, but the poor boy can’t read - not enough skoolin’ for him. So here he goes thinkin’ he’s lookin’ at a mighty fine piece of girlflesh and he actually picked up a copy of "I’m an Ugly Girl Dog:"

Now lastly, my ole man done decided that he wanted to get us a new home. Afore he and me drank my magic poshion, this is what our new surroundings looked like:

Now ain’t that just a nightmare to yer eyes. Thank the good man upstairs we had ourselves a whole gallon of my joy jus. Once we drank it, our home looked much better:

Ahhhhhhh….now THAT’s livin large, ain’t it?

Ray Dawn

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