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Where’s Merri?


Canning stuff.

Merri said:

Ever wonder how many tomatoes it takes to make catsup? Well, for 3 pints, I believe I used 35 (mix of small, med, large). Talk about a process, but I bet it will be the best damn catsup we've ever had!

Also in the process of canning 16 pints of green beans and have 3 more buckets of tomatoes to can (probably a dozen or less pints). Then I get to cook dinner...oh, and laundry, oh, and the mess in the kitchen.

My work is never done! Heh!

tee bee said:

I love catsup, and I've never even heard of anyone who made their own. I'd probably eat nothing else if I did.

My better half likes to make pickels, but didn't have time this summer. There weren't too many nice pickling cucumbers available, anyway. I wish I were that industrious.

Merri said:

We're having burgers tomorrow night - and the catsup will make its debut. We'll let you know how it goes. After all that work, it had better be good! It tasted good warm, so we'll see how it tastes cold and on a burger!

Wow. That is so cool. If the catsup is good market it.

The stringbeans sound great.

tee bee said:

I'll make you a deal if you like honey: a pound of my honey for a bottle of catsup.

Merri said:

Hmmmm, tee bee, you may have to arm wrestle hubby - he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. Hehehehehehe