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When East Meets Trash - Hot Dog Fried Rice

There ain’t no one outta there that can say we don’t know how to cook a good meal loaded with culture. We ain’t nobodys just cuz we don’t have them fancy knives like that broad Rachael Ray (although she does have a garbage bowl - same as a trash bowl, I reckun!).

I like livin’ classy and you can too, by serving up this meal that all yer family will not soon fergit.

Hot Dog Fried Rice

3-4 Hot Dogs, cut up into chunks (1 serving for each person ya’ll are cooking for)
Minute Rice, cooked, enough for all of your eaters
An onion, chopped up
Some Soy Sauce (I use the packets from that Chinese diner in the mall)
Some eggs, scrambled

Take the hot dogs and fry ‘em up in a pan. Add the onion and sweat it out (fancy talk, ain’t it?). Put the rice in the pan and stir it all up with that soy sauce. Once that’s all done, then throw in your eggs, and let them cook until done.

There you have it. If yer kin don’t usually like Fried Rice, since there’s hot dogs in there, you can serve it with some catsup and relish, if they like that kind of thing. I usually follow it up with a fortune cookie from that there Chinese diner we talked about earlier. Or a Ding Dong - they are good with everything!

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