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What Has Been Started Here?

So…what is it about this statement that is a bit ominous?

The New York City Board of Health has voted unanimously to prohibit restaurateurs from cooking with artificial trans fats - setting a precedent for US public health agencies eager to take on unhealthy eating.

I’ll be the first one to say there are a lot of overweight people in this country - me being one of them. Should I eat better? Sure. Should I exercise? I really do need to. Should the Board of Health or other related agency prohibit business owners from using an ingredient to cook food I might purchase in their establishment? That’s what’s ominous. There’s a particularly compelling trend setting up here - one I don’t particularly like.

I’ll go back to smoking bans. The city I live in recently put a smoking ban into place. Now, I’m not a smoker, but if an establishment wishes to allow people to smoke in an effort to attract various customers, I think they should have the right to do so - it is *their* business. But in Omaha, there could now be fines if you choose to light up in a restaurant. While I much prefer to sit in a smoke-free area while I’m eating, I can’t help but get irritated that such a law would be put into place…isn’t this a free country?

Now that everyone is quitting smoking, they are throwing caution to the wind and gaining extra weight because they are going to these restaurants that serve them food with artificial trans fat…er, uh…you get what I mean.

I may not be a rocket scientist, but I know when I’m eating something unhealthy. When it is fried, has breading of any kind, is oozing butter or other various fats, I know it’s not good for me. I have a brain and can 1) choose to eat such foods, knowing that they aren’t good for my body in excess and 2) choose to eat the food that is better for me, such as salads, grilled foods, veggies, etc. Most restaurants carry both, and if they don’t….you normally know this just by looking at their menu (many of which are posted on a website or outside the door of the establishment, etc.). Why does a Board of Health think that New Yorkers are stupid? ..and why are other health agencies so keen to help the rest of us stupid Americans not eat stuff that’s bad for us. What’s next…Twinkies? Doritos? Little Debbie Nutty Bars? Dean’s French Onion Dip? Before you know it, they’ll be charging us extra tax on “bad foods” or they’ll make the manufacturer of said food change the ingredients. Next thing you know pop will be off the market, replaced by Red Bull and water bottles (with spring water that likely just came out of a tap somewhere).

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are a lot of issues with the increased weight we are seeing on average in America. Health costs go up, but so many of us - and our employers - pay for that. Let US make decisions on what we want to eat and let’s be wise on the next steps here. If someone wants to eat a donut, or a package of M-n-M’s…that’s their choice as a consumer. Don’t play overlord and dictator by telling us what we can cook with or purchase.

/PSA. Heh.

Jo said:

Its the start of the liberal nanny state thinking; they can't take care of themselves, so we have to dictate their free will. Of course, being a diabetic, if everyone ate like I did, we wouldn't need silly laws like this. But I see San Franciso and that kook state Washington, doing this next. Can't see this happening in the
South! But why not pressure the manufacturers to produce better products - not force them, but set out a campaign to be healthy, get them on board instead of passing a law. Great post.

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

This caught me by surprise as well. Hubby and I own a small restaurant (fish fry). Fortunately we already USE canola which is trans-free. Like you, I don't feel good about where this could go. They already KNOW the effects of smoking, drinking and gambling...what's happening on THOSE fronts?

This is total bullshit. It all began when a handful of FAT-ASSES thought they should sue the fast food chains because they couldn't control what they shoved into their fat faces. They asked for it...they're gonna get it. Big Brother and Uncle Sam spoon feeding the masses because "we're to stupid to make these decisions."

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