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Welcome to this Little Corner of the Web!

I want to take a moment and welcome you to Rachael Ray Redux. Why, do you ask, would I choose this name for my blog? Well, if you ask anyone that knows me, I seem to have quite a bit of Rachael influence in my life.

  • I bought the knife (yes, I am the proud owner of a Wustof Santoko knife with a double hollow edge and Grand Prix handle). Thanks to Alton Brown (yes, another Food Network celebrity that I love), I had to buy the Wustof steel. The newest addition to the family is yet another Wustof - bread knife.
  • I have a garbage bowl, although not a Texasware like Rachael [insert a sigh here].
  • I cut my veggies like her (she taught me a lot!).
  • I have several of her cookbooks (not counting the multiple Food Network recipe printouts that litter my kitchen).
  • My hubby even saw her microwave on the internet, although it was discontinued [insert yet another sigh here].

Alright, so this ain’t the Rachael Ray House of Worship, but I thought I could share some ideas, recipes and other things. Many from Rachael, but some of my own, or from other Food Network faves.

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