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Welcome to the Cotillion

"We ladies have gathered together for the presentation of these dazzling darlings of the blogosphere, and yes, proper etiquette dictates that you shall kindly direct your devoted attention to each of these fine young women! Please, gentlemen callers, remove your hats indoors in their presence! I do declare!"

I feel very privileged to be in the company of some of the best bloggers out there.  Surely you wouldn’t disagree.  Please take your turn at the Cotillion - you won’t be disappointed!

Ladies of the Cotillion:

Update: Beth, Janette and Jody have represented us well, ladies - Michelle Malkin has taken notice of these "Hot Conservative Gals of the Blogosphere."  Hopefully our dance cards will be full!

Beth said:

Darling, you look simply divine in your ball gown!

jody said:

But can you believe that Beth wore a red dress? Scandalous! :)

Merri said:

Oh, but dahling, it's better than the white dress I wore to my wedding. Um....nevahmind. Hee Hee

Raven said:

What an awesome group of hot women we are! Merri my stats went crazy today. Good thing it's the end of the month..bandwidth charges and all. LOL

I'm writing about the BALL tomorrow...with the links like you have. And adding the code. Do you have a copy of the code? I can't find it.