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Welcome to My Blog

I wanted to extend a welcome to you!  Many of you know me for my alter ego Rachael Ray Redux, but I realized that in that venue I’ve limited my scope and hope to be able to rant and muse about everyting (and I’ll still talk about Rachael Ray and recipes here).  So here I am!

Musings, you might ask?  Why musings?  When I looked it up, here’s what came up: 

A product of contemplation; a thought. “an elegant tapestry of quotations, musings, aphorisms, and autobiographical reflections” 

So, I got to thinking about tapestry and thought of the Renaissance/Medieval time frames.  Hence the theme of the site.  Well, and "musings" goes so well with "Merri." 

More to come - and I’m certain much construction.  Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to any insight or suggestions you may have to continually improve this site!


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Raven said:

Hi Merri!! I have blogrolled you! I will be around quite a bit.

Merri said:

Thanks, Raven! I've blog rolled you as well...just my first type list. :-)

Beth said:

YESSS!!! Merri's RANT blog!
An' it's PURTY, too!

Domestic Goddess Gone Bad

A sweet mommy who loves to cook went a little nuts with a kitchen knife and a typepad...

Blogroll Merri's Musings or face the wrath of a heavily armed postal worker!...

Dan said:

Just what the world needs, another woman with a new reason to open her mouth for something other than ... well, nevermind! ; P

Muwhahahahaha!! Welcome to adult blogging, it's about time he let you out of blogger hell.

Though in all seriousness, it is a great free service, got my start there, too. Good to see the new you. I'll roll you tonight from home, um, blog roll, I mean. Woo! Hoo!!! Is he watching us? Heh!

Raven said:

Merri I love your graphics you have. where did you get them??

YEW ar N JOOOOOOO luvvvvving NAZEEEEEEEEEEEEEE jest Like the REST and WE WILL defeet U in 2009 WITH HILery!!!!!!!!

Merri said:

Thanks, Dan! It's nice to be unleashed, um, free of blogger!

...and yes, he is watching...with a big smile on his face! Ha!

Merri said:

Oh goodie - I have a troll. But he, for whatever reason, looks familiar. Hmmmm....

Take My Wife, Please!

Mrs. Eric has her own REAL blog now. Go read it or I will do shit to you you wouldn't do to farm animals. Besides, she's showing naked boobies.

I dun blogrolled you in my "crushes" department. I hope your husband doesn't get mad that I'm sweet on you.....

Merri said:

Oh, heck....he'll just go postal, that's all! I'm very honored, Preston!

Ken said:

Congrts on the new blog Merri, youve started out great. Keep up the great work.
Just one question, were you "a woman gone mad" before you got married? Because my wife says I'm to blame for her condition. I just thought mabe it's an epidemic.

Merri said:

Thanks, Ken...well, there's two schools of thought. I either had to already be mad to get married to my man, or I was driven to madness in the last 10 years. Either way, it's an epidemic, I think. Muhahahahah!