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We Are All Mohammed Now

Aaron, in a comment on this post, gave me an idea.

Instead of all of us being Danish, let’s just all be Mohammed.

There are many advantages to living this way.

The Danes and everyone else are on the defensive concerning this issue. By being Mohammed yourself, you get to go on the offensive. And the best defense is a quick offense.

If you are Mohammed, and someone takes your picture, you may behead them. Especially if it’s that obnoxious relative you prayed wouldn’t show up at the family reunion.

You get to breeze through security at most major airports.

You get to rape, pillage, and burn at the most minimal slight of your name.

Everyone will add PBUH after they refer to you.

So, from this point on, anyone who comments on my posts without the name Mohammed, or one of its derivates, will be summarily deleted.*

Of course I, don’t have to change my blog name to Mohammed. I am granted free license to be a hypocrite.

Because we are all Mohammed now.

Note: leave your proper email and URL in your comment. You just have to change your name to Mohammed. Mustafa and PBUH are also accepted. So are Pedophile Prophet, Pedophile Pimp Prophet, and Suicide Troll.

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Angel said:

lolz..whats the female version of da new name?

I Haven't Done This in Awhile

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Allahuh Admiral Ackbar. Please excuse, I often get confused when I say that. Not sure if I am talking about the homicidal Allah or Star Wars.

It is no wonder we arabs are so hateful: we are all named after noises camels make.

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