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People can be unbelievably stupid sometimes…and some are just plain sick and disgusting.

CLEVELAND — A Cleveland woman is accused of dragging her two daughters back inside their burning home after the girls ran to a neighbor for help.

Authorities said the woman had set the fire herself.

The girls, ages 8 and 12, told investigators their mother was upset because the older girl had a boyfriend. The mother allegedly interrogated the girl while applying lighted incense to child’s neck, chest, rectum and inside her mouth, according to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason.

Investigators said the woman set the house on fire when she didn’t get answers, and when the girls ran out, she forced them kicking and screaming back inside the burning house.

Thank God a neighbor happened along and pulled them to safety. The catch - this happened a year ago - it’s taken Cleveland authorities a year to investigate the blaze. And guess what? Laquana O’Neal, the “mom” has not yet been arrested as of Thursday, even though prosecutors say she faces multiple charges including aggravated arson, felonious assult, rape and gross sexual imposition.

The article doesn’t say what happened to the children, but I hope and pray they aren’t with *that* excuse of a human being. My God, she was willing to torch her own home and burn her children as punishment for the oldest apparently having a boyfriend. I can’t imagine what she would have done if her oldest daughter came home and said she was pregnant!

Anyhoo…here is the last part of the article:

…O’Neal was diagnosed with a mental condition.

Can anyone say DUH? Of course she has a mental condition. Anyone who commits the acts that she did, including almost murdering her own children isn’t in their right mind. Leave it up to the media to keep us informed, and on the edge of our seats.


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