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“Tremendous Remorse?”

Paula Eleazar Mendez tells authorities that she smothered her three young children, between the ages of 6 and 8.

DE QUEEN, Ark. — In Arkansas, authorities said a mother accused of smothering her three young children wrote notes that could help determine what led to the killings.

Her priest said the woman has expressed “tremendous remorse.”

You know, remorse is fine if a crime was committed that didn’t involve killing three children - especially your own. It’s so nice that she is remorseful….la dee dah. Remorse won’t change what she did…and it certainly won’t bring her children back from the dead. She was so remorseful, she intended on poisoning herself so she wouldn’t have to face up to the horrific crime she committed. Luckily that didn’t work and now she’ll have to serve her time, whatever that is.

I see an opening for “innocent for reasons of insanity” or some other “don’t blame me” plea. Hers is a story that is eerily like the one of Andrea Yates - who hunted down and methodically drown her children. I don’t see much difference here.

I know the three little children are in the arms of Jesus in Heaven and they no longer feel pain or fear. I pray for the rest of the family and those who were in their lives - that their hearts are not as heavy and they find the will to go on.

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