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To the Idiots Who Support Sex Offenders and Other Such Idiots

To those of you - and you know who you are - who are submitting comments that are loaded with crap (defending pedophiles, sex offenders, ridiculous name calling, spewing out of the bible when you don’t know what you are talking about), I am deleting them.  This is *my* blog and I won’t publish your crap as it eats my bandwidth.

If you want to spew your nonsense, keep it on your own blog.  I won’t entertain it.

Oh, and to the idiot who is trying to prove some nonsensical point, I don’t care if someone draws a picture of children having sex together (even stick figures) - there is no such thing as "fake" kiddie porn.  Drawing it is as bad as photographing it you sick bastard.  I hope to God you don’t have children because if you did, I’d have a notion to report your IP address information to the authorities.


Raven said:


Email me Merri. I want to know IP's. ANYONE who defends sex offenders is as guilty as the offender.

Yes, report them now.

Seth said:

Do I miss the way things were when i was a kid?


Back then, liberals and their organizations like the ACLU didn't have the cojones to outspokenly defend child molestation and few if any individuals would have felt anything but contempt for anyone who did.

Hell, when I was a kid, Barbara Eden wasn't even allowed to show her navel when playing Jeannie.

Now that the liberals have had their small degree of success reshaping the moral outlook of the Democratic party and the Dems the moral outlooks of their own, the values of much of our population have followed them down that road to a place where child molesters and kiddie porn producers are "just folks, with the same rights as everybody else has."

Bee Ess{B.S.}!!!!

At the very least, these tragic, perverted souls sabotage their young victims psychologically in ways that can destroy their futures, and take these kids to a place they shouldn't even have to know about.

When I read about such a person getting off with less than ten years, I become angry -- they should get an automatic life sentence -- preferably in a cell with a big, horny lifer named Bubba.

Jay said:

I've had some of the same folks on my blog Merri. I tried to ban this one guy, and he obviously has a rotating IP. So that leaves me to deleting.

By the way, per your suggestion today, I updated that post with the God Bless America magnet ad to it.

first time here, no idea what you're talking about, but well said.

sex offenders should be shot on sight.

Merri said:

You'll fit in with myself and my readers, Patriot. You don't know what I'm talking about because I deleted those comments, but *they* sure know. :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!