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UPDATED: Tiffany Hall in Custody in Slaying of Pregnant Woman

Tiffany Hall Sought in Slaying of Pregnant Woman


How awful:

CHICAGO — An Illinois woman who was found dead apparently had a fetus cut from her stomach.

State police said Tiffany Hall , a 26-year-old East St. Louis woman, is being sought in the killing.

The police chief of East St. Louis, where the victim was found Thursday in a vacant lot, said authorities were alerted to the suspect after a funeral for a baby that she said was stillborn.

Allegedly, Hall told her boyfriend, a sailor home on leave, that she had killed a woman and taken her baby. This was during the baby’s funeral. The boyfriend reportedly alerted police, and that information appeared to have led police to the body of the deceased woman.

An autopsy will be performed Friday to determine if the child that was buried was the fetus removed from the dead woman.

The Belleville News-Democrat reported that neighbors said Hall, a mother of two, had appeared to be pregnant.

Police said that Hall went to a Centreville, Ill., hospital with the deceased baby, according to the paper. Mister said that Hall told the hospital that she had gone into labor and delivered the stillborn baby after being raped.

Hall may be driving a maroon Lincoln Town Car with temporary Illinois registration and may still be in the area.

I pray for the family of the deceased mother and the little baby. Words can’t describe the feelings this story brings to my heart.


UPDATE: All Three Missing Children Found Dead in Illinois, FOX News Confirms

This story has a terribly sad ending. The woman accused of slaying a pregnant woman to attempt to take her baby is in custody, but the pregnant woman also had 3 other children ages 7, 2 and 1 and they were missing. The sad news is that these young children have been found dead, stuffed into a damned dryer in an apartment complex.

Tiffany Hall, 24, was jailed on $5 million bond, and faces charges of first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child in the death of 23-year-old Jimella Tunstall, said St. Clair County State’s Attorney Robert Haida.

Relatives of both women told media outlets the two grew up together and attended alternative schools. The woman in custody often baby-sat Tunstall’s children, and Tunstall never expressed worry about leaving them in her care, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

An autopsy showed Tunstall bled to death after sustaining an abdominal wound caused by a sharp object, believed to be scissors, said Ace Hart, a deputy St. Clair County coroner.

Hart said he believes Tunstall was knocked unconscious before her baby, seven months into gestation, was removed during a slaying he called “very graphic and very brutal.”

I pray that none of these children endured suffering at the hands of their killer - I pray that it was swift, or in their sleep or something. I cannot bear the idea that someone could be so evil they could look down into the face of a child and take their life - and if, indeed, Tiffany Hall killed them (the evidence is surely leaning that way from my vantage point), then she has a level of evil most will never know since she’s known these children, taken care of them, seen them grow. I am saddened about these wee ones losing their life, and know they have a special place in Heaven.

I believe there is also a special place reserved for Tiffany Hall as well.

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Amber said:

a lady at my husbands job lives in the apartment complex where the children were found, my husband told me that she said they found them all in the DRYER!!! this tiffany girl is freakin' nutz

Chris said:

What a sick freak. I am like you, I have a 7 year old and it pains me to think of something like this happening to him.

Nancy said:

Well, the psych evaluation has been ordered, despite what we all know....she's INSANE! The question, and the part of the system that pisses me off is she can be found (and probably will be) NOT guilty by reason of insanity. This is NOT right, especially if it's found that she DID it! She should be GUILTY, but insane. Get her the immediate help she needs, then lock her ass away forever!

densie said:

this is a sad story and i hope that she gets whats coming to her how could you find yourself to kill someone

densie said:

but at the same time she was never a good friend cause she would have never done that to somebody you care about. she ahs no heart to kill some kids and people you love.

racheal said:

this story is about a week old and it still hauntes me. It happened so close to me. it happened in east saint louis and I live in saint louis. Just the thought of some one doing the thing tiffany hall did deeply disturbes me. It makes me question my trust for people.

Kai said:

This is just too too sad for words. This is a heartless,sick, crazy,diabolical bitch!
Us good people need to bum rush the hold over and beat that bitch with in an inch of her life bring her back and beat that bich some more.

Karma is a bitch and she's got it coming

LaTashia Robinson said:

I am Tiffany's stepsister. Although I believe this is a horrible tragedy, and I pray for the grieving family everyday, I do not feel that it entitles anyone to beat her within an inch of her life. I think we can all agree that in order to do what she is being accused of doing, that one would have to be insane. People whom are mentally disabled, or are found clinically insane, should be placed in a facility that can care for them. When she is well, she should be released. We release rapists and drug dealers everyday that are deemed "rehabilitated". Are we so narrow minded that we do not believe that clinically insane individuals can be rehabilitated? We all have to answer to ONE judge when it is all said and done. What would he think of your suggestions? Yeah, Karma is a bitch.

Vinnie said:

I do believe the ONE judge answered your question in the Good Book.

If Tiffany is convicted, she should have her uterus cut out, then she should be stuffed in a clothes dryer, the door locked, and let her bleed out slowly.

Taking the time to hide the children's bodies in a dryer, that does not show insanity. It shows someone covering her crime knowing full well she knew what she was doing was wrong.

It's called the M'Naghten Rule. Look it up. Maybe we need to contact the authorities about YOUR state of mind in this matter, LaTashia. What did you know and when did YOU know it?

Merri said:


I have to say that there is much I disagree with in your statement, but can understand that since you are far closer to this situation than I am, I'm certain it impacts you differently.

I've said it over and over again and will say it one more time: I don't care to what degree a person is considered "insane" or "mentally ill." Anyone who makes a decision to MURDER CHILDREN AND STUFF THEM IN A WASHER AND DRYER is NOT sane, but they should NEVER return to society. EVER. This endangers society - there are already 3 young lives lost - why should we put this person back in society when we know damn well they aren't going to be rehabilitated? We've seen it over and over with pedophiles who ultimately kill their victims and in serial murder cases. I personally don't agree that rapists or drug dealers should return to society, either - in particular rapists - and if you read through my blog you'll see this stated multiple times.

You are right - there is one "ultimate" judge for Tiffany to answer to - and the outcome of that is between Tiffany and her maker. BUT that doesn't mean she's exempt from serving the appropriate sentence for breaking the law. You cannot tell me she didn't understand that murdering people - KIDS - wouldn't result in her getting into trouble for her crimes - we learn those things in school if we don't learn them from our parents. Shoot, we learn them from TV and video games. If I were a judge, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I put her back into society knowing the chance of even one repeat offense.

It's tragic what this has likely done to your family, knowing that she did this, but my heart aches for the family who lost much more because of what Tiffany did.

LaTashia Robinson said:

There are aspects to the case I cannot discuss. I wish they could be released to the public, but I know they will when the systems decides. My intent is not to defend what Tiff has been accused of, only to respond to the hatred this has all caused. "Report my state of mind to the authorities"? Vinni, please. They knew our every move, phone conversations and what we ate for every meal before we even knew anything took place. If it makes you feel better about your hatered to throw "Unchristian" like comments towards me and our family, then do so. You cannot hurt us. To all who reads, set your hate aside and pray for all parties involved.

Arkesha said:

I just want to say that I have been following this story over the last few weeks and I just cannot understand what could have pushed Tiffany over the edge. I do agree with LaTashia that we have to pray for all parties involved. The lord will take care of everything in his own way and when he is ready.

Anne said:

I just want to say that I hope this girl dies a slow and painful death. She drowned those 3 kids and that took more then a second to happen. Then she placed them so this girl knew exactly what she was doing. I know that she will burn in hell but while she is on earth that girl will suffer. I can't wait till then send her azz to the joint b/c you know they will take care of her in there. She will get what's coming to her on this earth and in hell. GOD will never forgive her for what she had done no matter how hard she pray's. Another thing, no judge on this green earth would ever set her free. It's a wrap for Tiffany Hall. See ya psycho!

Cheri said:

I live in New york and I thought I have seen and heard it all, but this case is so disturbing. For this woman to be so young with that much rage, hatred and just cold bloodedness is just so sad to me. Everyone has focused on how she killed those three innocent babies but what about brutally cutting a baby out of her girlfriend's womb!!!!!

I believe that there are people that are insane but I also believe that their are people that are EVIL. There is no reason under the sun that could justify what this woman did. Jeffrey Damar who killed and ate several of his victims banked on that insanity crap, but the judge did not buy it because of the way he disposed of the bodies and covered his tracks and a few other things.

I understand her stepsister would like to think Tiffany was insane but Tiffany is going to Jail for the rest of her natural life and the chances of her coming out are very slim. Hopefully she will meet the same fate Jeffrey Daar met when he went to jail, I don't even think he lasted a year........An eye for an eye!!!!!!God bless the victim's family.......

carin taylor said:

the thing tiffany hall did to her friend and her children is so disturbing,especially without knowing a motive for this evil crime.tiffany seems to have no remorse for the lives shes taken,how dare she tries to plea innocent for those brutal crimes that just bothers me forever,because they were so close. i wonder was tiffany jealous of her friend for some reason,i just really need to know why she did this to this family,why is her stepsister trying to take up for her, if the shoe was on the other foot i dont think she would be so positive in her punishment

Monique said:

LaTashia, I agree with Merri on this one. I hate that the families are having to go through something like this and I do pray for both families because this is a horrible thing. As for your step-sister, she deserves the death penalty. If she is so insane that she cut's a baby out of her friends belly and murder's three children and afterwards stuffing them into washer and dryers, she doesn't deserve to mix with society. She doesn't deserve to even be in prison because she will kill people in there also. Drug dealers don't get released from prison easy, in most cases I've heard them getting 20yrs to life sentences. Now for rapist and murderers, they are getting let off to easy but I believe laws are in the process of being changed. The criminal justice system is starting to figure out that rapist and murderers can't be rehabilitated and that they can't go back into society without committing crimes over and over again. You may be a little bias because this is your step sister, but If my step sister did something like this, I would say that her ass deserves to suffer the consequences and be penalized with the death penalty. That's just the truth and I don't think these people are being hateful towards your family, they are just expressing the fact that Ms. Hill is evil and demonic to commit such crimes.

Tea said:

People are walking around right now paranoid pyschos that has not killed anyone yet as soon as someone does kill and the extent of the killing how ever brutal they want to run to "insane". True enough everything has its place but what if Tiffany said this is what I wanted and I have no remorse for it will we still think she needs evaluation.

Tanya said:

I followed the case for a while then it was like it vanished. Did they ever find out tiffany's reason or did she get charged with the murder of the three precious souls she sent on to a better place.

Felicia Johnson said:


Deidre said:

Tiffany Hall is not even good enough for the death penalty nor should she be exempt from her crime by being placed i an institution. She should rott in jail for the rest of her life. It's february and I am still very disgusted by her actions and as far as answering to the ultimate judge, she's pretty much going to hell unless she she does some serious praying and begging for forgiveness.,,,,,,,,,,,

Felicia Johnson said:

The only thing that we can do is pray for her.

jess said:

so did they ever release the motive.how are tiffanys kids?

Felicia Johnson said:

I haven't heard anything in ref to the case.

njc said:

This Tiffany Hall girl is crazy, but no insane. She knew exactly what she was doing when she cut open someone, stole their unborn fetus, then drugged, drowned, and killed her 3 children in put them in a dryer. I have no sympathy for Ms. hall at all. I too hope they beat the hell out of her, and then do it again over and over again. But don't kill her, let her suffer, don't care for her wounds, let her catch all types of infections and die slow and horrible like Jimella Tunstall and her children did. I think they should cut her all over her body with razor blades then squeeze citrus acid all over her. I hope she dies a sloe, horrible, and horrific death, then stuff her fat ass into a garbage can or garbage disposal. And please don't tell me this lady was Christian, YEAH Right. She deserves to die and yeah KARMA IS A BITCH!


slanted said:

I understand we are not to judge anyone but there is definitely something wrong with this picture.It's been a little bit over a year and this tragic incident in my city still bothers the hell out of me.I honestly hope Tiffany gets punished for all the pain and suffering she's caused.She has not only hurt the immediate families on both sides of the families but she has affected the entire community and much more.We have children as well whom are afraid that there could be another Tiffany Hall out there somewhere near.We Pray Hard and refuse to quit.The family is angry about the comments being made regarding Tiffany's actions but atleast you still have Tiffany while this other family doesn't have their loved ones.She should't go unpunished.Sure,we all have to answer to a higher power someday but Tiffany knew of the power and the consequences here on Earth as well.

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