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The Sopranos…Lamest Ending of a Series EVER

Both Vinnie and Beth share my sentiments (swearing, bitching and all), so I won’t try and write a major post on it. But I will say this.

I will never watch another David Chase “masterpiece” again.

I will never watch any “Sopranos” movie they may try to sell, unless they mail me a free ticket and pay for my popcorn, soda and babysitting expenses.

I will cancel HBO as soon as possible.

I will remain thoroughly disgusted that I bought some of the seasons on DVD (but will pat myself on the back for stopping when I knew full well the show was going downhill).

I will totally kick myself IN THE ASS for watching each episode faithfully, even after the show entered major suckdom a couple of seasons ago. Damn loyalty bullshit!

GAH! I think I need to go whack something. Er, maybe I’ll just go eat some fucking onion rings or something. Jerks!

Beth said:

I might have to cancel HBO too. But "Big Love" starts tomorrow night, and it's the only other show I watch on HBO. I don't even watch movies! So I'm kinda torn, but WHAT A RIPOFF.


Bob said:

If you really consider the final episode in the context of the entire series, it makes a lot of sense. There's no closure because Tony remains the same emotionally/mentally conflicted man he was in episode 1. And the "ending" also illustrates that the business (and life) go on.
My prediction -- wait a couple years and we'll see a Sopranos movie centered on attorney Meadow and her quest to quash organized crime. The Daddy-daughter dynamics would make for some interesting drama.

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