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“The DaVinci Code”

Okay, so why is this the hottest story ever? Why are people drooling until this movie comes to theatres? I don’t think it’s because they think Tom Hanks is hot, so there’s got to be something else. I, for one, can’t figure it out. I’d rather watch paint dry or count raindrops or something.

This Is Me Breathing linked with So Dark the Con of Rotten Tomatoes
Chris said:

I am glad I stumbled across your blog when looking for something ribeye related. I saw Rachael and Alton's names and it caught my attention. Two of my favorite Food TV hosts.

Interesting blog. I will be back even though I'm a Henckels guy myself. (since I blogrolled ya, I guess I'm stuck ha ha).
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Merri said:

I can't lie.....I have a set of Henckels steak knives. They are nice steak knives, but my most favorite knife will always be a Wusthof...even more so than those Rachael-endorsed Furis. :D

So Dark the Con of Rotten Tomatoes

Last night, I eagerly went to watch the DaVinci code movie, despite all the negative reviews and criticisms by the professional critics, despite the fact that at RottenTomatoes.com, the film had a 17% rating (it has since gone up to

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