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The Canning Green Beans Experience

What, might you ask, has Merri been doing all day?


…and this.

Twenty pint jars of freshly grown green beans. All nicely packed and sealed into jars for the dead of winter. YUM!

Next on the canning list for summer? Tomatoes and catsup. The first is simple, the catsup is a 2-day job (and takes a LOT of tomatoes to do!). Is it worth it? My kids sure think so! :-)

Jeff H said:

Why no pickled beets?

Merri said:

Well, no one in my house would eat them...so no sense canning them. ;)

Vinnie said:

Pickled beets are to our household what pork chops, with bacon wrapped hot dogs with a side of pork rinds are to Osama's household.

It's all about the haram.

ptg said:

One particularly nasty winter I had nothing to eat but pickled beets for several weeks. My wife had moved out, and I was too lazy to can anything. By February, beets were all that was left. It was grim. I don't have beets at home either.

Merri said:

I think that would have been the best diet I had ever had, PTG...in other words, I would have starved. :-D

ptg said:

I was ducking creditors from a failed business, and one of my cousins, who found himself in even more dire circumstances, had moved in with me. We ate them cold, hot, sugared, souped and mashed. My cousin found a place to get old bread, so we had beet sandwiches. There must have been 100 jars of them in the cellar. We didn't gain any weight.

I'll spare you the gastric distress we suffered and how it was made worse by the failure of the indoor plumbing. Don't eat red snow!

Chris said:

The green beans look great but PTG? Beets? Dayum......yuck.....gross. I'm with Merri, I'd have starved.

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