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The ACLU Grows a Brain

Okay….so I know the title is a little too promising, but they did at least sprout one brain cell:

OMAHA, Neb.The Nebraska chapter of the Americans for Civil Liberties Union told KETV NewsWatch 7 that it will not appeal a ruling to keep the Ten Commandments monument in a Plattsmouth city park.

Okay, so maybe I’m giving them too much credit.  Perhaps it’s not because they are wiser, or have employed a level of common sense.  More than likely they’ve realized the fame and fortune they sought to achieve here dried up.  But I’ll take it.  Any time the ACLU recognizes that they have LOST and CANNOT WIN is a good moment in time.

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Raven said:

I don't trust the ACLU. They're up to something. LOL

Run Away!!! Run Away!!!

The ACLU surrenders to a town of 6,000 and an inanimate object. Sweet....

ACLU gives up commandments fight

Saying that ACLU Nebraska was just out of options, executive director Tim Butz said it wont take the Plattsmouth Ten Commandments case to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Unless the ACLUs Plattsmouth client finds another legal t...

Oyster said:

Yeah, what are they up to?

Merri said:

I was born and raised in Plattsmouth. I truly do think they realized that their support of one person, who isn't a lifetime resident of that small town, isn't going to get them anywhere.

Plattsmouth certainly isn't liberal by any stretch of the imagination and they are solidly based in tradition and religion (not to mention as many bars as there are churches, but that's a whole different story..hehehe).

That monument hasn't caused anyone any harm, and it is actually quite beautiful. The ACLU probably figured they were wasting time there, and will more than likely find some other venue in which they are more readily welcomed.

tee bee said:

I think you're right, Merri, they're looking for better odds.

Go Plattsmouth!

Gordon said:

C'mon Merri! It's NEBRASKA! One of the members must have realized that he's 1500 miles from San Francisco and had a panic attack.

Merri said:

Gordon - I'm sure you're probably right!!!