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Thank You, Rummy!

It’s a thankless job, especially during times of war. Especially with a media hell-bent on tarnishing the concept of the war, making it seem as though it should be as easy as a trip through Burger King’s drive through.

I’ve always admired Secretary of Denfense Donald Rumsfeld’s tough, no-nonsense approach to all things post 9/11. We don’t need some pansy-assed “let’s throw an olive branch at the terrorist leaders of the world” kind of approach to terrorism. Did you ever watch one of his press conferences?

Rummy is in Iraq - his 15th visit since the war began.

Rumsfeld’s trip follows an emotional farewell Friday at the Pentagon, where the defense secretary defended his record on Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said Friday that the worst day of his nearly six years as secretary of defense occurred when he learned of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse.

His last full day in office will be on December 17. I only wish him the best.

Mr. Rumsfeld - thank you for your service. Thank you for how much you have done for our soldiers, for this country. Godspeed to you!

Scott said:

"Thank you for how much you have done for out soldiers..."?!?

Could you explain, exactly, what our soldiers should be thanking him for? Gross, dangerous incompetence? An ambiguously-defined and impossible-to-achieve mission? Wow. Really. Just wow.

Merri said:

If you had the slightest clue what was going on with our soldiers and what Rumsfeld has done for them, you'd state it. So...when did *you* serve, Scott? You an expert here, too?

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