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Susan Torres

Jody from Steal the Bandwagon has a post up regarding Susan Torres, a young woman, who is brain dead, who is also carrying their very premature baby.  I can only imagine how heart wrenching this situation is for Susan’s family, but I think I would want my family to keep my body alive so my unborn baby has a chance to live.

Read more about Susan’s story here and be sure to hug your loved ones extra tight - life can change instantaneously!

jody said:

Thanks for the link and spreading the information! :)

I have been reading about Susan and it does seem like she would have wanted this. It's a sad story that hopefully will have a happier ending. Can you imagine...losing your spouse as you gain a child...wow.

Eric said:

I think Raven got cornfused what blog she was on.

Merri said:

I think you are right, but I ain't 'fraid uh no ghosts!