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Slacker Blogging and Other Random Thoughts

Sorry for my little absence from the blogging world. Things have been rather crazy at the House of Merri!

We just got back from a road trip to Kansas City to watch our beloved Husker team get handed a sound loss. Was it fun? Absolutely! Was it cold? Oh, boy, it was cold! Was the traffic bad? Well, I’ve never taken almost 3 hours to go 5 miles. Really. It was bad. Guys running from their cars and peeing on the side of the road in front of everyone since they couldn’t hold it any longer. It was insane. I hope it isn’t that way for every Chiefs game because I’d never hold season tickets if that were true. We thought we had it made leaving for the stadium around 3:50 from our hotel (kickoff was at 7pm). Yeowza. We barely got inside before kickoff (and hubby had to go back to the car…a whole OTHER story). I am sad to see the Huskers lose, but their performace was clearly off last night. Cotton Bowl, here they come! I’ll post pics of the little ones once I have the energy to connect camera with computer. I’m WIPED!

We stayed at Harrah’s and the hubby and I decided that we would take turns going down and gambling for a little bit (little ones were sleeping in the hotel room so we both couldn’t go). They required that before you entered the casino that you get one of their reward cards or they wouldn’t let you in. WTF?!?!? Sign up is free and you can go right around the corner was the advise of the Harrah’s employee. So I go around the corner and am faced with a line of no less than 50 drunk people, all wanting to fill out their handy, dandy application before gambling. I threw my hands up in defeat and went back to the hotel room. I think that was the icing on the cake. Hubby tried as well, and got the same thing. I guess Harrah’s would rather do their demographics collection on their gamblers versus letting them in to spend their money. I’m not sure it’s a nationwide policy now of Harrah’s, but we never had that problem at the Harrah’s across the river from us (but it’s been quite a while since we’ve gone). It’s likely I won’t be gambling with them any time soon. Sometimes a person just wants to slide a couple of quarters in a slot machine without being hassled. Oh well, I’m a winner in the end as I didn’t blow the money to start with, right?

So Christmas is coming and I don’t have a thing done. No decorating, no cookies, I have one teeny-tiny bit of shopping done and that’s it. I’m such a slacker this year. I suspect things will start clicking this weekend so we can enjoy the decorations, etc.

It’s been flipping COLD here, but I’m glad we missed the awful weather that hit Missouri and Illinois. I feel for those folks and hope everything gets warmed up and fixed up soon!

Anyway, please don’t think I’m neglecting you all….it’s just been a hectic time for me. I’ll be back in the groove soon!

Lilo said:

"one teeny-tiny bit of shopping done"

I started, and finished the day after Thanksgiving. Even squeezed shopping for 3 birthdays and an anniversary in there. I'd seriously be having a panic attack if I still had everything to do.

Merri said:

So that might explain my nervous twitch, huh? HAHAHAHAHAH!

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