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Sisayehiticha Dinssa: $78K, Nuke & Cyanide Info

…and the MSM is focused more on O.J. Simpson.

DETROIT A man was arrested at Detroit Metropolitan Airport after officials say they found him carrying $78,883 in cash and a laptop computer containing information about nuclear materials and cyanide.

Sisayehiticha Dinssa of Dallas will be held in custody at least until Monday, a U.S. magistrate ruled Wednesday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Leonid Feller said Dinssa is a potential risk to the community and federal agents want to get a warrant to search his computer more thoroughly, The Detroit News reported.

I’m such a bad human being to be suspicious of Mr. Dinssa, huh! I don’t know…does this sound suspicious to you? I mean, other than the cash, the nuke and cyanide info stored on his laptop?

Dinssa arrived in Detroit from Nigeria by way of Amsterdam and was headed for Phoenix, Feller said.

Dinssa, an unemployed U.S. citizen, was arrested at the airport Tuesday. An affidavit filed in court said a dog found the scent of narcotics on cash Dinssa carried.

When agents asked him if he had any cash to declare, he said he had $18,000. But when agents checked his luggage, they found an additional $60,883. When they scrolled through his laptop, they found the mysterious files, authorities said.

I must be some kooky, freaky conservative to worry about such silly things. Yeah, that’s it.

More over at Jawa…check it out!

PoweroutStroosinator said:

Ahhhhh...notta worry! $18,000...$78,000....strange friggen name, cyanide, nuclear information? CHILL, would ya? You're making ME nervous.

Merri said:

Heh....um, yeah, Nancy. I'll chill...just for you. ;-)

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