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“…she had taken good care of the children…”

…so is that why she drown them both in the bathtub?

CLEVELAND — A 2-year-old girl and her 4-year-old sister were apparently drowned in a bathtub Monday, and their mother was arrested, police said.

A man who said he is the girls’ father told investigators the woman called him at work and said their children “are at peace,” said Cleveland police Lt. Thomas Stacho.

Another tragic end to the lives of two beautiful children at the hands of a parent. I’m certain she’s going to pull out the “Andrea Yates” M.O. - I was depressed, the devil made me do it, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Deondra Hurt, 19, who lives in the same two-story apartment building, said she heard the girls’ father screaming and shouting. She later went to the apartment and saw their mother “on a couch, and she was just sitting there. She was a nice girl. It’s real sad.”

Stacho said the girls apparently drowned, but autopsies were pending Tuesday to officially determine the causes of death. The county coroner was trying to confirm the victims’ correct names Monday.

Hurt said the woman had taken good care of the children.

“She always had her kids dressed up, with hair done every day,” Hurt said. “They were well-behaved kids. They played jump rope and would write on the ground with chalk.”

Yep, Andrea Yates took care of her kids, too. And now she’s living the rest of her life sharing fond memories about her children…yes, the children she methodically murdered by drowning them in the bathtub. She’s not in prison, but in an institution because she was found “not guilty” by reason of insanity. I’m guessing that will be the plea in this case as well. In the mean time, please say a prayer for the two little girls who no longer breathe, play, or dress up. They will never see their 5th birthday. They will never have a boyfriend, they won’t be cheerleaders, they won’t ever marry, go to school, or have children of their own. Thanks, Mom.

Angela said:

I don't understand what posses a person to drown their kids OR even to hurt their kids in this way?

Then there is the whole Chester-The-Molester situation going on in Vegas with that Nation Wide Man Hunt. I hope they find that SOB very soon.

The little girls Daddy was sobbing uncontrollable in the back of the cop car, did you see that one?

Stroosinator said:

I don't understand how a husband can't see changes in his wife before something like this happens. Very sad.

As for the bastard on the run, I say it's a GOOD thing he won't be taken alive. (No tax dollars spent on trial). On the other hand, Life in prison being Bubba's boy toy would serve some justice.

ptg said:

These ladies that kill and plead insanity are really saying: "The kids/husband drove me crazy. Now that they are gone, I feel better. I'm not crazy any more." Its like the kid that kills his parents and tries to get sympathy because he's an orphan.

Nigel said:

When a parent kills his/her own children, that should be an automatic death penalty case. Automatic. No psychiatric review or any of that bullshit.

Yeah, I know...whenever anyone kills a child...but ESPECIALLY when a parent does it.

I can't seem to articulate the reason. I am not a parent, but those of you who ARE probably get it.

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