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September: What Day Is Today?

I love whacky days of observance, recognition or celebration. Here’s a few to mark on your calendars!

September 19 is “Talk Like a Pirate Day!” (truly a day for Teach! Congrats and Arrrrrrrgh!)

September 22 is Elephant Appreciation Day (for my Republican readers) as well as Hobbit Day (for my fanatical LOTR readers!)

September 23 is Fish Amnesty Day, so I think I’ll have some fish sticks (I mean, if they are frozen fish sticks they weren’t caught on Fish Amnesty Day, right?). There is some irony, though, in that September 23 is *also* National Hunting and Fishing Day. I think we’ll confuse the fish, won’t we?

September 24 is Punctuation Day, a day dedicated to my good friend Beth. When is Spelling Day, I wonder? Hmmmm…..

September 25 is National One-Hit Wonder Day, dedicated to you “Soft Cell” fans everywhere!

In preparation for October’s monthly commemorations, please be sure to stock up on trinkets and decorations to celebrate October as the month of….

…Celebrate Sun Dried Tomatoes Month

…Go Hog Wild, Eat Country Ham Month

…National Pajama Month

…National Poppin’ Popcorn Month

…National Toilet Tank Repair Month

…National Spinach Lover’s Month (…and National Talk About Prescriptions Month, which is what you’ll need if you celebrate National Spinach Lover’s Month!!!)

…and there you have it. Be sure to mark your calendars, plan, and celebrate!

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