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Sad End to an Amber Alert

How is it that in the case of a relationship gone bad, the children end up being subjected to a parent’s rage? Well, in this case it seemed drugs were a factor, but how tragic that a person thought the best thing to do would be to kill the children when the wife wants a divorce.

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — One of two young boys allegedly abducted by their father at knifepoint was found dead in a lake, and his brother and father were pulled from the water with knife wounds, authorities said Wednesday.

Katron Walker, 32, was charged with murder and attempted murder, said assistant chief of detectives Bill Bergherm. He said Walker had stab wounds in his chest but was expected to survive.

The youngest boy, 2-year-old Monte, was hospitalized in good condition with cuts on his neck and puncture wounds in his chest, Bergherm said.

Collin, 4, was found dead late Tuesday by police divers in the lake just south of Terre Haute. The child’s throat had been cut and he had been stabbed in the chest, Bergherm said.

This man, these children’s FATHER, abducted the kids by knifepoint from their grandfather’s backyard. An Amber Alert had been issued for the kids late Thursday. When the police centered in on their location, the man ran with both boys into the lake.

Officers jumped in after them and grabbed Monte, but they couldn’t find Collin in the dark, murky water, he said. The dive team found the body in about 12 feet of water.

A woman who lives near the lake told police she had seen the three earlier in the day fishing and eating hot dogs.

The boys’ mother, Teresa Walker, said she had called her husband from work that day to say she wanted a divorce. Shortly after the call, Katron Walker showed up in the yard wielding a knife and took the boys, said Michael Dwyer, the boys’ grandfather.

“My sister went out and she was trying to get them back,” Dwyer said. “He threw her down and she came right back at him and he kicked her twice in the chest.”

Police say that Katron Walker had marajuana and meth in his system when found. His wounds appeared to be self-inflicted. If he wanted to take his own life because of the divorce, because of the possibility he may not get custody of the kids, etc., then so be it…while it would be a sad spot of time for the family and the kids, at least they would HAVE time - and life. Taking the lives of children to “get back at” the spouse or to prove a point is vile, cruel and out and out disgusting. My hope for the little two year old is that he will recover and perhaps not remember many details about what happened to him.

I hope the book gets thrown at this man. He does not deserve anything different. If I had my way, he’d not breathe another breath of life for what he did.

PTG said:

What a ghastly story. Remember Ivan Henk? I hear from cats I know in prison that there are a number of inmates who are looking forward to seeing him in the yard.

flowerpower43 said:

I am a very close relative of Teresa,Collin and Monte Walker....our lives will NEVER be the same.

I pray that their father "the BASTARD" lives the remainder of whatever years he has in total fear and pain and my wish is that where ever he is placed that the other prisoners take their sweet time in making his remaining time on this earth "SHEER HELL".
flowerpower43 | 07.13.06 - 10:20 am |

Merri said:

I certainly can't blame you for feeling that way. Those are my sentiments exactly, and I don't know him. You don't kill kids. You don't hurt kids...in particular your own flesh and blood.

I pray for your family and that you will find some peace in life and that appropriate justice is served. That man should never have a breath of free air again...ever.

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