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Random Thoughts…

Real life has a way of catching my attention lately! I just have a few random thoughts I wanted to get down…

Rachael Ray. Why did you go there? Why did you have to have Bubba on your show? Okay, so you want to help improve the health of children through healthy eating and all that, so you’re partnering with his organization. But you could have STILL done that and not subjected me to his presence on your talk show. I still have bad nightmares about that. But then I watched your show yesterday, covering the prom you delivered to the seniors at Enterprise, AL’s high school. You have a very big heart and did fabulous things to help these kids have a memorable prom that will hopefully ease some of the pain they’ve had losing eight of their friends and siblings. But we still need to talk about that whole Clinton thing, really. I’m just happy you had Laura Bush on your show FIRST!

Hubby has just celebrated his 3-year blogiversary! Stop over at his digs to wish him well!

Leave Brit Spears alone, okay? Mostly because I’m SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT. For that matter, the same thing applies to Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Justin Timberlake, Demi and Ashton, Prince William and Kate whatsername and all of the other people that seem to have every day things going on, they just pay 10 times more than you and I do for their weddings, their honeymoons, their divorces, their mascara. Oh, and WHO CARES ABOUT ROSIE O’DONNELL? It all happened the way it did for pure publicity and she will now have her pick of shows should she choose to go that route. I can’t STAND her, so I ignore her. I just hate seeing her nasty, snarly face pasted over all of the mags I read every week. There should be a WARNING on the magazine cover when she’s in it. Really!

…and that’s all for now!

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Chris said:

I have to agree. We all say we are sick of hearing about this person or that person, but the fact is, if we all wouldn't tune in, they wouldn't broadcast it.

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