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Rachael Ray Show: Friday’s Soldier Surprise

I haven’t commented much on Rachael Rays’ daytime talk show, mostly because I think her website does a fabulous job of wrapping it all up. I can’t help but comment on yesterday’s show. Why? It moved me to tears while I was in the dentist chair. me *and* the hygenist!

I had a 9am appointment yesterday, the same time the Rachael Ray Show was on. She had a *great* show…a woman had written in looking for a way to throw a 39th and 40th birthday for her husband, who will be going to Afghanistan for 18 months. He’s a leap year baby, and will be celebrating number 39 and number 40 while in Afghanistan. Rachael decided to surprise him on the show and brought all of his family members to celebrate as well. It moved the soldier to tears. And here I was…getting my teeth cleaned with tears pouring out of my eyes. When my hygenist saw them, she said “Thank God…I thought I was going to have to explain my weepy self to you!” But even Racahel Ray shed a few tears, so we felt better about it. The whole thing was funny and I had to watch the show on Tivo again last night.

The thing that moved me most were his two absolutely adorable sons. They sure seemed to have nothing but admiration and love for their daddy and my heart was aching with the fact that soon they’d be without him for a year and a half. What a sacrifice our men and women make to protect my - our - freedom.

Rachael has more about the show on here site here.

Bo - best wishes to you and many more Happy Birthdays - go with God and be safe on your journey!

Chris said:

What's the big deal? I cry at the dentist's office all the time!

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Nancy said:

Chris! (That IS funny, though...)

Merri, I can't catch her show, and have no way to record it. Did check out the pics from her site. That must have been awesome! I'd be bawling too.

Every Sunday at noon on B-93 (Country station) they play a different versioin of our National Anthem. I get goosebumps every single time. I try to sing along, but end up in tears.

Beth said:

Oh, gosh - I cry when I try to sing our National Anthem, too.
And there are a couple of songs from church that make me cry - On Eagle's Wings comes to mind.

But I wanted to comment to Merri - Rachel Ray should pay you for being her biggest supporter!!! We love Rachel here at the Donovan household, too - but we mostly just stick with her Food Network stuff, seeing as I'm too cheap to get TIVO!

loadbroker said:

Rachael Ray got married?????????? I guess I have to give up now...my heart is BROKEN!!!! Rachael, you could have had me!!!!

Angela said:

Did you hear about how Martha Stewart supposedly sent "spies" to the show so she could see what they were up to? Apparently she feels threatened by Rachael Ray. I LOVE Rachael Ray and think her personality squashes Martha's like a bug. AND she didn't have to do time either.. ya know?

I love your blog! The design is amazing! :-)

Merri said:

Thanks so much, Martine! That's one of the reasons I keep posting to my blog. :-)

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