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Rachael Ray Musings

I haven’t posted much on Rachael Ray as of late…not that I don’t want to, but mostly because I haven’t had much time to spend on my little blog.

The first piece of news isn’t new for any Rachael Ray fan. Last week, Rachael was on Iron Chef America, paired with Mario Batali, while competing with Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay. It was clear when watching the show that Bobby Flay had better things to do (he maybe spoke 2-3 words and seemed rather put off by the whole thing). Rachael Ray and Mario Batali seemed to enjoy what they were doing - Mario even made some drinks for the judges using the food they were battling with…cranberries! Of course Rachael couldn’t be on a show without the famous “carry” she always does on her own shows:

So who won? Which reigned supreme?!? I honestly expected Bobby and Giada to win (Bobby is a regular winner on teh show and Giada is touted as a “chef” compared to Rachael’s self-proclaimed “cooker.” Well, surprise…Rachael and Mario won! …and the snooty look from Giada when it was announced was a classic moment.

I also have to say I’ve been faithfully watching her talk show on DVR every day…I’ve really grown to like it! I LOVE one of her features every week (Mystery Taster)! This week, Dennis Leary was on the show - he was hilarious! Granted, it is usually very mindless entertainment, but it isn’t the crap you see on other talk shows (pregnant teens, drama, murder, paternity tests). She also brings people together to solve every day issues (she paired a woman who had to buy Thanksigiving dinner to serve 20+ with a lady who is a coupon guru, saving her quite a bit of money). It makes it seem “real” to me. Her ratings seem to be fabulous - she’s beaten some Martha Stewart ratings as well as Ellen (at least one time I’ve heard). Keep it up, Rachael!

Lastly…I got a new toy (I LOVE new Rachael Ray stuff!). I got one of her new cast iron pots (the 5.25 quart one). I grew up on food in my mom’s cast-iron pot so it was a bit of a walk down memory lane for me. Here it is:

I can’t wait to use it - It’s perfect for stews, pot roasts, soups and stoups. YUM-o!

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

I watched this....TWICE! hehehe. I don't care much for Mario, but Rachel is so much fun! I'm glad they won!

Chris said:

I was so excited to watch the show but when I saw the secret ingredient.....I was turned off. I am glad that she and Mario won. Mario was one of the first two chefs that got me hooked on FTV, him and Emeril's studio days.

Gunscribe said:

Hope you got some good bunny recipes. If Vinnie still plans on bagging at least 29 of them this year.

That is neat Merri. You should have a wish list posted in case someone or Santa might want to well ya know heh heh.....pretty please I would love to know.

Merri said:

Yeah, Chris....cranberries weren't all that exciting for me, either, because I knew that I wouldn't be using recipes from the show....but I do always like watching to see how they incorporate the ingredient into recipes I don't think it belongs with. LOL

Bunny recipes. Hmmmm...ain't seen no bunnies, so I'll keep my bunny recipes in my cookbook. ;-)

Wild Thing....I may have to do that. Santa might be watching. Heheheh!

Cassie said:

Michelle Malkin was on O"Reilly after he did Oprah's show and kiddingly told him she expected him to do the whole Liberal Talk Show junket and mentioned Rachel's talk show.

I asked a friend who told me she knows someone who lives in New York who claims that Rachel is in fact Pro-Choice and very Liberal and that her husband worked for the ACLU at one time. Is this all true?

Merri said:

Cassie - I certainly couldn't say whether Cusimano worked for the ACLU at one time. All I know is that he is an entertainment attorney and no internet search came up with any connections to the ACLU.

As far as Rachael Ray's position on abortion or how liberal she is...anything is possible. One thing I haven't seen (and I see her show every day) is any political spin. Everything is very light. She has had a mix of guests on her show (Dennis Leary and Dennis Miller were both on her show and not known as strong liberals). I've never heard her talk about how she feels about abortion and have never heard her talk about her political views.

If she is a liberal, I really don't think it would change how I feel about how she cooks.

ptg said:

Is that cast iron pot enameled on the inside? I used to use an old Le Creuset that was enameled inside, but evidently I slammed the lid down on it too hard or something and the enamel cracked. Then it started to flake off and I had to quit using it or risk eating shards of enamel. I'd like to replace it.

Merri said:

I love Le Creusets! This is enamel on the inside, just like the Le Creusets, but for about half the price (or better). It seems to be well built, so I'd say "go for it!"

I recently wrote about about my three-year-old son was piling his toys and books in his arms...and the pile got so big that he turned to me and said "Look Mommy, I'm Rachel Ray!"

Too cute!

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