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Rachael Ray & John Cusimano Wedding

Finally!  The news that all of you fans are waiting for!

In a ceremony in Montalcino, Italy on Saturday, September 24, 2005, Rachael Ray and John Cusimano were wed.

Here’s the word directly from Fox News:

We’re betting that Rachael Ray’s wedding cost more than $40 for the day.

The bubbly cooking show cutie, host of three Food Network shows — "30 Minute Meals," "$40 a Day" and "Tasty Travels!" — tied the knot last Saturday with longtime squeeze John Cusimano in a ceremony held in Montalcino, Italy.

I’m sure they’ll be happy…and I bet they are enjoying the amazing cuisine over there!

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Jo said:

Pictures? Where are the pictures!?

Merri said:

I think I was lucky even seeing an article as non-attentive the MSM was on this one. :-) If I find pictures, they'll be here, I assure you!

Stephanie said:

OMG, I LOVE Rachael Ray. I watch all of her shows and I just read an article on CNN.com that Oprah is "grooming" her for her own talk show. I'm so glad that I stumbled across your site. I've got just about all of her cookbooks not to mention a couple of Sandra Lee's and I'm asking for Paula Deen's set for Christmas. Though I think I may add her knif and skillet to my list. Again, Glad I found you.


Bob said:

I hope that John never takes for granted the fact that he's THE MOST blessed man on the plantet. Rachael's fame, fortune & talent aside, she's got that incredibly cute "girl next door" look, a cute little giggle that warms everyone's heart, a smile that could melt the largest iceberg in the Bering Sea and talking with a few select people who know her personally, she's as cute, fun, funny, and down-to-earth as they come. Though I've never met Rachael personally, she absolutely takes my breath away, because she's the most beautiful and perfect package God ever created. The only other female who has taken my breath away like Rachael, is a girl by the name of Maria Loret de Mola who also lives in New York, and would give anything to attend the Culinary Institute and have her own little place to eat. Unfortunately, she not among the "rich and famous" but she has all of the same qualities that Rachael has.

gladys LaPointe said:

John & Rachael
I saw your Wedding on TV you make a cute couple.Your Castle Wedding was so impressive.I am a great fan of Rachael never miss any of her shows.
Thanks so much for putting some of you wedding pictures out. I remember
Rachael when she started on WRGB. You have come a long way and can be
proud of your success.Looking forward to your new show with Opra. You should have more of your Wedding on The Food Net Work, Paula Dean had
hers on and we enjoyed it.
Gladys La Pointe

Vinnie said:

Gladys, this is not Rachael Ray's website. The owner of this site is named Merri, she is a Rachael Ray fan.

Jen said:

Oh God...I feel sorry for the poor bastard...

Merri said:

Yeah, feel sorry for someone who married the girl of his dreams, who just happens to be a star - a pretty humble one at that Yeah, feel sorry for him. :::rolls eyes:::

Dawn Sites said:

I am so sad. I didn't even know she got married and I hardly ever miss her show. What channel was the wedding televised on? And to the hater, Rachael Ray is fantastic and I am extremely happy for her and John. I am ecstatic. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

Merri said:

I don't know that it was broadcast, Dawn, but there have been snippets all over the news (although at first not very visible).

If anyone has any knowledge of video or additional photos, just let me know and I'll work to get them linked here. :-)