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Rachael Ray & John Cusimano Wedding Photo

I found a much better picture of Rachael Ray and John Cusimano on their wedding day over at http://www.rachael-ray.org/ (in the photo gallery section):

For those of you who are fans - enjoy!  For those of you who are not, please indulge me!  :-)

Vinnie said:

That picture sucks, you can't see her hooters.

Pam Campbell said:

I love Rachael Ray. I watch here everyday and my cousin always calls me and we talk about her show since 2001. My DH or dear husband even is interested now. We have seen her with her engagement ring or "the rock" we call it. I have been waiting for her to talk about her wedding plans. I am sorry that we have to hear about it in the websites but I do appreciate her privacy. Good Luck to Rachael Ray!!!

Merri said:

I would rather hear her talk about it, too. It was hard to find even a picture from their wedding for the longest time. BUT, sometimes people want those private moments for themselves, so I completely understand. :-)

Lady Jane said:

I love Rachael Ray! Her cookbooks and shows are the best. I made one of her recipes for dinner tonight. Thanks for finding the photo!

Judy said:

I just Love Rachel Ray!!! Been watching her shows for the past few years. Oh I am so glad that there is a picture of her and her new husband. I have been curious ever since she mentioned she found a sweetie on her show! He is gorgeous! They are such a cute couple,they remind me of the Campbell's soup kids! Congrats Rachel and John. Many happy years you two !!!!

gladys LaPointe said:

To Rachael Ray
Rachael you are the best person for Food Net Work. Thank you for posting 2
of your Wedding pictures . I saw your Wedding on a EntertainmentTonight.
Nov 7th, You looked gorgeous.as did John.What a cute couple.The Castle
for a Wedding was so impressive, Looking forward to see you tonight Nov 8th
on Entertainment Tonight,.I love all of you shows .I try not to miss any of them.. You made the Food Net work so pleasurable. ,Hoping to see your new show with Oprah.I have learned a lt from your 30 minute meals,Gladys Lapointe

Richard Jaffe said:

Congrats to the both of you on your fantastic wedding. Rachel, I have not had the pleasure of meeting you personally, but, as John may remember, I lived on the same floor in "CIW" as he did. Give me a shout out if you want any "dirt". Well, actually, there's not much to share anyway. Im sure John is as great a guy now as he was back in the day! Enjoy each other. And good luck.

joanne said:

It's about time she got married, being self-centered all these years. She has said in the past no children will be part of their lives. I hope she donates a lot of the money she makes and is not selfish.

V said:

There seems to be some confusion here.


Camille said:

Rachel Ray ROCKS!! She is full of personality and does what more people in this world need to do... SMILE!

She is so cute and knows her stuff!

Rock on Rachel!

Gabe said:

Rachel, your are a babe!! Don't ever change.

Gabe said:

John Cusimano your one lucky Dawg!

Lucille said:

I think this is a beautiful photo & I agree, Rachel rocks and John isn't so bad either. I just wish we could see a full length photo!

Anonymous said:

I think this is a beautiful photo & I agree, Rachel rocks and John isn't so bad either. I just wish we could see a full length photo!

micheal said:

dang you got the whole thang going on rachel

tom said:

Rachel is a hottie!!
She has this "girl next door" sexuality about her!!
She can fix me 'something to eat' anytime!!

lean said:

UGH she is an untalented joker faced idiot! I saw her wedding video and the nut skipped down the aisle and then giggled through her vows.

She used to be really cute and fun to watch, now she is nuts and over the top.

Merri said:

Well, we are all entitled to our own opinion, but remember that their wedding was *theirs* and not yours or mine. If that's the type of relationship they have, who cares? What a tragedy....two people in love who don't care what *we* think about it.