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Rachael Ray Factoids

One of the things I do as a blogger is to scope out how people find their way to my site. While, of course, Rachael Ray’s name is my number one draw, closely following are items such as "Rachael Ray knife? or "Rachael Ray married?" or "Rachael Ray birthday?" or "Rachael Ray’s ass?"  Well, after some investigating, I thought I could help out those looking for her knife, her birth date or her martial status. I’m sorry for those of you looking for her ass - that’s something quite personal and I don’t think I can help! You might try to find that FHM photo shoot she was in - I always see it on eBay.

Is Rachael Ray married? Not just yet. She is, however, engaged to be married to John Cusimano (he is a member of the band "The Cringe"). I’ve seen a few reports that they will be getting married in Tuscany / Italy and it will either be in the summer or the fall of 2005.

When is Rachael Ray’s birthday? Every bio I have seen lists her birthday as August 25, 1968 (a child of the 80s, just like me!).

What Knife Does Rachael Ray Use? Well, prior to 2005 shows, she was using a Wusthof Santoko knife with a double hollow edge and grand Prix handle, as I described in my first post to this site. I was proud of the fact that I owned her favorite knife (I found it on eBay!). Well, in seeing the most recent 2005 episodes of "30 Minute Meals" I have seen her using the new knives from Wustof’s latest collection - Culinar. It appears she uses Culinar’s version of a santoko knife (oriental chef’s knife) and it appears to also have a double hollow edge. The handle is sweet - sleek and smooth. Okay, I admit I’m drooling. I’m using the "Cadillac" of knives currently, but can’t help but drool for the "Hummer" of knives!

I hope this helps out those of you who have found my site via these searches. I also encourage you to look around - there are some great tasting and simple recipes I have collected and shared here! If you have anything you are interested in seeing, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or an email!

joe said:

she seems to be the perfect woman
bubbling personality
she can cook
and is a dream to look at
honestly what more could one want in a mate

Habanero said:

You should check out Dirty Minute Meals (safe for work)...it's hilarious!

Susi Salamon said:

Rachael Ray rox my sox

leigh said:

she does not use the wustof culinar knife. the knife she uses now is made by furi.

Note from the editor: That's correct. Here's information on the knife she uses: ...