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People start to feel like strangers in their own country

When I think about illegal immigration, it’s not just the mere fact these people are here ILLEGALLY. Breaking the laws just by being here- that’s bad enough but what makes it worse is they are here to take our jobs. There are two sides to this tale. American business has a lot to do with this. They want to hire people who don’t expect to be paid a lot of money. While I understand that, I have a hard time coming to terms with the very real fact that by hiring illegals, these businesses are breaking laws too. Two wrongs. And I hate to get into this, but President Bush is going along with this.

There is a resource people can use to find the names of local business who keep this issue alive by hiring illegals.
WE HIRE ALIENS- a relatively new site with a lot of names.

The biggest incentive for illegal aliens to come to the United States is to find work. If there are no employers willing to hire the illegal aliens, then the flood of illegal aliens will subside.

So the purpose of this website is to expose “alleged” employers of illegal aliens. In this effort we need your help. First, if you know of a suspected employer of illegal aliens report them here.

Second, search or browse the “alleged” employers of illegal aliens and email them telling them you will no longer patronize their business. In the same email, make sure they know that you will also tell everyone you know NOT to patronize their business. We’ve got pre-written emails to help you do this.

Third, DO NOT patronize the businesses you see listed here.

Finally, use our website to report these “alleged” employers to the proper authorities. Again, we’ve got emails already written that you can send off at the touch of a button.

I did a search for the state of California and was amazed at how many companies are doing this. I often boycott places that promote things I don’t agree with. It’s high time everyone stayed away from companies who hire illegals. Don’t give me the line of BS about how these jobs are not “wanted” by Americans either. American’s aren’t given a chance to even know about these jobs.

Many businesses are starting to worry about the politics of illegal immigration. Good. They should start to worry as they are a big part of the problem, I have to say.

Here’s another article that outraged me…illegals have an easier time getting home loans than do American citizens! I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, with all these business giving away all those jobs.

November 19, 2005 - For many, it’s the American dream: owning a home. With the recent spike in housing costs, it’s become more difficult for many Valley families to qualify for a home loan. But some local banks are giving out loans, and they don’t even require a social security number.

David seems like your typical first-time homeowner. The house is small, money’s tight. But his family is happy. “It was our dream.” he said. “So it was like our dream became true, finally.”

But getting a loan from the bank almost didn’t happen. An employee from the bank called and said it seemed they had a problem.

The problem was David’s social security number … it’s a fake.

He is undocumented, an illegal immigrant. David thought it was a dead end, but not in California. It’s among a few states where banks are offering mortgages to people who they know are illegal.

And as always there are liberals who want to defend the “rights” of those who enter the country illegally, who use fake documents to steal our jobs and take over our healthcare facilities. This pisses me off.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein stood outside her office one recent afternoon explaining her plan for granting legal status to some farmworkers who had entered the country illegally.
She turned to leave, then beckoned back a departing reporter. “Please don’t use the word `amnesty,”‘ Feinstein said. “It’s not an `amnesty.’ It’s an `earned transition.”‘

Across the Capitol that day, during a testy immigration hearing, Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Edward Kennedy asked Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff how “mass deportations” of illegal immigrants would impact the country.
Experts say the language in this particular debate is becoming increasingly angst-filled because it veils a deep national divide in beliefs over who deserves to be here, and, ultimately, who we are as Americans.

“It’s this sense that people are losing control over their own lives,” said Ira Mehlman, Los Angeles-based spokesman for the Federation for Immigration Reform.

“People wake up and discover half the kids in their children’s class don’t speak English and most of the resources are going to address that problem. People start to feel like strangers in their own country.”

Those enraged by the problem say illegal immigrants are “invading our country,” and “taking jobs away from Americans.” Those on the other side say illegal immigrants are “living in the shadows” and “doing jobs Americans won’t do.”

It seems that everyone is forgetting one key fact: By being here, these people are breaking laws. Without a second thought. Without a concern for the American people. If they’re willing to be here under these cirscumstances, then they would be willing to break any law.

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