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News to Crawl Out from Under My Rock For!

Aren’t you shocked?

Baywatch beauty and “Borat” love interest Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from Kid Rock.

Pam wrote this shocking announcement on her website:


Yes, it’s true.
Unfortunately impossible.

Poor Pam and Kid. These were the tales being told after one of their three weddings:

Soon after her wedding, Anderson wrote, “I’ve never read or heard so much misinformation on this whole wedding fiasco…..We’re super happy newlyweds. That’s all I can say……we have a lot of love for our family and extended families.”

Er….well…..about 4 months of love, right?

Jo said:

Should my life, like be over now because of this? ROFL!!! ;)

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

I just can't find it in me to be sad or sorry for them. Hollyweird-types are generally a whole different breed of human being.

Chris said:

Damn.....Osama is getting Whitney now that her and Bobby divorced and Borat is getting hepatitis C, I mean, Pamela Lee now that she and Kid Rock are divorcing?

ha ha ha ha

Merri said:

Ha, Chris! Maybe you should write for one of those Hollyweird Mags!?!?

Chris said:

Nah, I'd rather write scripts for pRon movies but have you EVER tried to do that? I get too tired of the spell check telling me that "Oooooh yeahhhh", "Ohhh my GAWD", and "Uh Uh Uh" are all mis-spelled! Plus, coming up with those detailed and complex plots is too difficult.:)

Merri said:

But yanno....if you ever did go into that line of business, it appears Pam would have some free time in her schedule to star in her second feature. Heheheheheheheheh

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