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Merri Your Wishes Might Come True!!!

Oh please, please, please, let the sources be right. OH PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

OMAHA, Neb. — Sources tell two Nebraska newspapers that Sen. Chuck Hagel does not intend to run for president or re-election to the Senate next year.

The Republican has scheduled a news conference Monday to tell his political future.

It would be gift enough to not have him throw his hat in the ring for president, but to not run for re-election to the Senate? That would be a two-for-one special!!!!!!

UPDATE: Oh my!!! It has most CERTAINLY come true. Merri, there IS a Santa Claus!

Nigel said:

But...but...what am I going to do for entertainment and laughs?

(Certainly not watch any of those TV shows you suggested. Well, maybe Rachel Ray. She's a cutie.)

Angela said:

That's GREAT news!!

I wonder what he's done!?

ptg said:

What did he do? Hagel didn't need a scandal to finish his political career. He did it fair and square, the old fashioned way: forgetting about the voters that sent him to Washington. As for entertainment, we can watch everyone else scramble for his Senate seat. He hasn't made it official yet, so I'm not holding my breath. He's gone plumb crazy and might announce just about anything. Maybe he'll run for mayor of Omaha.

Merri said:

Luckily he *did* announce his, um, retirement PTG. I agree with you completely. I feel completely robbed that I voted for him at all! Let's just hope he sticks with his comment that he wouldn't be running for *any* political office, INCLUDING mayor of Omaha (I just got the chills saying that....gah!).

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