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Merri Musings Review: Premiere “Every Day with Rachael Ray”

So, I have to say, I’m a Rachael Ray geek.  Now that I have that out of the way, you’ll understand why I wanted to subscribe to her new magazine "Every Day with Rachael Ray."  Now you’ll also understand why I read it cover-to-cover as well.

Overall, I really enjoyed the magazine.  I’m not into fashion magazines, and I’m not into "Gourmet" magazine.  I also don’t read travel magazines (there’s something about reading about a person’s stay in a $3000/night suite that pisses me off in a way).  But there are snippets of each of these magazines I truly enjoy (well, with fashion magazines, it’s minimal as I can never seem to find the articles between the ads).  What I found is that Rachael Ray’s new magazine blends the nice things together.

What did I enjoy the most?

  1. The recipes.  Rachael can’t go wrong publishing more recipes.  If you like her cookbooks or her show "30 Minute Meals" you’ll really enjoy the magazine for this reason alone.  There’s even a "7 Days 7 Recipes" insert you can pull out with shopping lists, etc.  Totally cool.
  2. There was a great article about cooking family recipes - and how it relates to the holidays.  In many ways, cooking is sentimental to me.  When I make particular recipes, it reminds me of great moments in my childhood, my mother, my father, a particular Christmas party, or other related get together.  I loved the article as it not only brought in the sentiment of cooking, but the great recipes.  My best recipes (all in my head) are hand-me-downs from my family.
  3. Focus on kids.  There are a couple of recipes that bring kids into the kitchen, including the youngest "Real Cook" tapped for regular writing submissions for the magazine.  I love that.  Rachael Ray, while I’m sure she is interested in marketing a great magazine, didn’t forget about one of her major loves in life - kids in the kitchen.

Some things I didn’t like so much…

  1. I was hoping for more focus on the "Real Cook" segment.  There was a section about what "Real Cooks" want.  I wasn’t all that impressed.  It seemed to be a way to advertise products more than a way to introduce the "Real Cooks" who are contributors who aren’t professional chefs, but everyday people who love to cook.  I also thought some of the products would NEVER fit into my everyday kitchen.  I know I’m in the wrong league when a "Real Cook" buys a dozen brownies for $37, not including shipping.  :)
  2. Whoopi’s fridge.  I really do like the idea of looking inside a celebrity’s fridge to see what’s in there - it’s up my alley (I do read "People" magazine…I can’t believe I admitted it!).  But Whoopi is so *not* up my alley.  And her fridge contents are boring.  I would have found a celebrity with a much more interesting fridge.  What does Anthony Hopkins have in *his* fridge?  Some fava beans and a nice Chianti, perhaps?  Heh.

Overall, for $18/year, it is not a bad purchase…I looked for it on a shelf, and never did find it in a store!  It’s a beautiful magazine, and very Rachael Ray.  I thought it would be a monthly magazine, but found out it is bi-monthly at first [insert sigh of disappointment here].  I can’t wait until the next installment!  Do you think she’ll take my suggestion to look into Anthony Hopkins’ fridge? 

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I like Rachel Ray's shows. Cute with a bubbly personality. My daughter doesn't miss it. So many meal ideas.

Just Some Guy said:

As a subscriber I'm sure you know about the Every Day with Rachael Ray site, but here's the link (...) for any of your readers that don't.