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Matthew Koso Redux Part II

Back in September, I posted my thoughts on the whole Matthew Koso mess.  My mind hasn’t changed one bit.  This guy started dating a 12 year old girl when he was 20 and impregnated her when she was 13.  After originally filing a restraining order, Crystal’s mother decided to "bless" the wedding because of the baby and approved them to marry in Kansas, where it is legal to wed at any age (although it isn’t recognized as a marriage here in Nebraska).

Koso went to court today and plead guilty with the hopes of getting probation:

OMAHA, Neb. — A Falls City man faces up to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday to sexual assault charges filed after he impregnated and then married a 14-year-old girl. His attorney said he copped the plea hoping for probation.


The case generated national media attention when Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning filed first-degree sexual assault charges against Koso in July.

Attorney General Bruning is spot on in his feelings that this case is a bit more serious than probation, but leaves that decision in the hands of the judge.

"Do I believe that Matthew Koso deserves 50 years? Of course not," Bruning said. "I am appreciative that he has taken responsibility for his actions and has married this girl."

But Bruning said Koso still committed a serious crime.

"The baby makes this a clear-cut case," Bruning said.

During the hearing, the judge suggested a mental evaluation be done before sentencing.  There’s no way I would believe that this guy didn’t know what he was doing…as Bruning notes, he knows right from wrong.

"He was a member of the U.S. Marines. He has a job that drives to work every day. Is he going to cure cancer? No. But he’s not a low-functioning person that can’t survive on his own," Bruning said.

Koso comes back for sentencing in two months.  My thought is that he needs to face the charge and the punishment that is befitting of anyone in this circumstance.  People may think I’m harsh, but it should involve prison time of some kind.  Yes, he has a baby at home, but did he truly think about the mistakes he made being involved with a child before he created a child himself?  No.  That is the crime that has been committed and that is what he is charged with and what he plead guilty to.  There is, and should be, consequences for inappropriate actions. 

My only hope in all of this is that little baby Samara can pull through this bad circumstance relatively unscathed.  Once the pregnancy was discovered, the child could have been put up for adoption to be raised in a secure, safe and loving home.  This would have kept Crystal away from Koso and would have allowed her to be what she is - a young, teen-aged girl.  But, surrounded by people who seem to be challenged with understanding right from wrong, it will definitely be a mountain to climb for both Crystal and little Samara.

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