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Mary Winkler…Justice Served?

Mary “Shot My Husband in the Back” Winkler is free after receiving 12 days in jail and 55 days in a mental health facility.

Mary Winkler, the Tennessee woman who shot her minister husband to death while he slept, was released back into society this week after serving just 67 days, most of it in a prison hospital.

Alright….so all the “poor Mary Winkler” people are going to be up in arms because I think this is a prime example of why the judicial system is so, well, broken.

Folks, this woman shot her husband in the back while he was sleeping. She let them lay there for 20 minutes while he bled to death. Their children were in the home when it happened and when she knew he was dead she packed up the kids and ran away. The experts are even saying they wouldn’t feel comfortable giving this woman a clean bill of health (i.e. she might kill again).

Consider this [emphasis mine]:

“Justice was definitely not served here,” Pirro told Vieira. “You had a preacher, who by all accounts was loved in his community, who was shot in the back while he slept. You have a woman who says she was abused with no history, no shred of evidence.

Matthew Winkler was a minister at the Fourth Street Church of Christ, a denomination that believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible, including Saint Paul’s teaching that women should be submissive to their husbands.

Mary Winkler’s attorneys claimed that she was beaten by her husband. She said at her trial that he made her watch pornographic videos and wear “slutty” outfits for sex. She said he was controlling and criticized her constantly.

At the time of the killing, the couple had been having arguments about their finances. Prosecutors introduced evidence that Mary Winkler had gotten involved in an online Nigerian check-kiting fraud and had written checks for thousands of dollars. That, the prosecution argued, was the real source of the friction in the marriage.

But the defense said there had been continuing abuse.

“What’s interesting, Meredith, at the trial, she took out a pair of high heels and she said, ‘This is how I was abused. He made me wear these heels when we were intimate with each other,’” Pirro said. “That’s not abuse. This is ridiculous.”

Alright…so let me get this straight. One human being is allowed to kill another human being when:

A person says they are abused.

Um, there was no evidence.

A man “makes” a woman watch pr0n

Oh, wow….what a reason to kill someone, especially the father of your own children!

A husband would like his wife to wear “slutty” outfits for sex.

Sheer torture, for sure! I think that’s the first time I ever heard of a man who would like his wife to dress provocatively for sex [insert sarcasm here].

That darn husband was controlling and critical.

Solution: Shoot him in the back while he’s sleeping, let him bleed to death for 20 minutes.

Arguing about finances

If this is an excuse for murder, wouldn’t more women be shot for going shopping at Kohl’s?!?

Wearing high heels

Methinks the designers should take all the responsibility for high heels. No, really!

Anyway….all this to say that there is not one reason this woman should be walking free today. Thanks so much, jurors! There are hundreds of cases of horrific spousal abuse that happen regularly. It’s awful that this can happen, but it isn’t a one-way ticket to a murder spree either. Go to a shelter, file for divorce, report the abuse, grow some balls…you have children to protect from such a thing! I can only imagine the 911 call “oh, wow…please help me! My bastard of a husband is making me wear 4″ stilettos again! OH THE ABUSE!!!” …and this woman is fighting against the grandparents, who have filed for full custody of the kids. HOW DARE SHE. She murdered her husband while they were in the house. If she’s positioning herself to get full custody of the kids, and if a judge awarded it to her, it would be by far the most ridiculously STUPID judge ever. I wouldn’t trust her in my own city, let alone with my kids anywhere near her. I wouldn’t want my husband within shooting distance, either.

“In 60 days you can start somebody on a medicine if you felt that he or she was depressed,” he said. “You can see the results of that medication kicking in. You might be able to do psychological testing to see if there’s any underlying delusion or fixed and false belief like paranoia. What you can’t do, you can’t predict the future with anything like certainty.”

If she’s capable of killing once, what makes these people think that she won’t do it again?!?!?!? There’s something broken inside of her. And don’t give me the old PP-depression script again. That is a slap in the face to the millions of women who manage their symptoms every day and don’t manage to shoot their spouses in the back, while they are sleeping, and watch them bleed to death for 20 minutes.

Seriously, though, justice was NOT served here…and if you see her in Tennessee and you are getting your dry cleaning done, just don’t turn your back on her or you’ll be sorry!!

Stroosinator said:

Terrible, terrible that this could happen! I want to see one of the jurors grilled on Hannity or O'Reilly. I just can't imagine what they were thinking (well, other than the "Poor Mary" bullshit.)

I guess I'd better think twice about asking hubby to wear my silk lingerie....otherwise sleep with one eye open!

Well, it was a crime of passion.

So, she won't come after you or me.

She won't, will she?

Chris said:

Wow, OJ must feel robbed. He had to funnel all that cash into his defense and she didn't. I don't think she'd do it again. Heck, she got exactly what she wanted. A no strings divorce from her husband where he now has no say on future issues, no challenge from him for the kids, complete freedom from any responsibility of being a spouse. She'll fake wanting custody and then she'll be completely free of having any responsibility what so ever. All it cost was a lousy 2-3 months in a jail/hospital. What a bargain.

olliepee said:

I think all of "Poor Mary Winkler" types are insane. The complete inability to witness an unjustified, horrific murder of the first degree (which is what Mary Winkler should have been charged with) when looking at this situation only shows the depth to which this new way of thinking (i.e., women’s liberation, feminism) has taken the minds of American women. Any ideology that misconstrues a premeditative murderer into a helpless victim is itself the problem. Along with Mary Winkler, the entire ideology and movement that brought such morally depraved thinking onto this planet should be on trial. And as far as the issues of control, abuse, and oppression are concerned (that keep coming up in every discussion I hear about this crime), these are just the “buzz words” for the rejection of authority, the rejection of personal responsibility and accountability, and a license to engage in any amoral and socially destructive behavior that appeals to the whims of liberated minds! There, I’ve said it–what other men should be saying if they weren’t too whipped to say it. And while we are on the subject, the need for male control is nothing so horrible as you liberationists make it out to be. Leadership is one of the most honorable and morally sublime characteristics of human relationships. For men to be leaders of women and children should be something for women to be proud of, if men are the good leaders they can be and have been throughout human history. Yes, history books are rift with accounts of the failures of men to provide good leadership. So, if a woman, or a church, or a country can find good leadership from a man (and there is no reason to believe that Mr. Winkler provided anything significantly less than good leadership as a pastor, father, and husband) then let the world celebrate his achievements, mourn his death, and despise the deviant criminals (both the one who pulled the trigger and the ones who provided the ideological gun) who took him from his parents, his daughters, and his parishioners.

Chris said:

As you know, I live in TN. Now that I have seen this play out, I guess I'll have to quit getting Alexis to watch porn and wear heels....I don't want to give her justification for killing me;)

not fooled said:

Too Bad that our Justice system is sooo screwed up.

This story should have been broadcasted for months as an outrage by the big media. Would have been if a man had done this.

Bet ole Mary will kill again,,,as it just was too easy a method to solve her problems.....

Holly said:

Murder is murder. What make sthis women so special? Because she is a religious women? Thats rediculous. is whats fair fair...shouldnt we now free Clara Harris for running her husband over? That was a crime of passion? Sh ecould of left. But to muder him in the back in his sleep...for goodness sake... The true victims in this case are the children. She took their father from them..but not only that the victim turned into the criminal...does anyone out there see how twisted this case is? The man is dead...is he was he an animal...no one will ever know...hes dead..no one ..

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