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Mary Winkler Gets Supervised Visits With Her Children

So I read on Fox News that Mary Winkler will be getting supervised visits with her children. You may not recall, but Mary Winkler was the “wife” who shot her minister husband IN THE BACK, let him bleed to death for 20 minutes while these children were IN THE HOUSE (emphasis mine).

A psychologist at Winkler’s trial testified she suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome because of domestic abuse coupled with emotional damage from the death of a favored sister years earlier.

Winkler told the judge she wants to be reunited with her daughters to help them deal with the emotional trauma of their father’s death. The children are in the temporary custody of Matthew Winkler’s parents who want to adopt them over their mother’s objections.

That is just rich. She wants to help them deal with the emotional trauma of their father’s death?!?!?! How the hell is *that* conversation going to start out? “Kids, I know I shot your father in the back and killed him while you were in the house, but let’s get over it and move on. Care for some more spaghetti?” WTF? They should remain in the custody of Matthew Winkler’s parents who have every friggin’ right to be upset about this scenario. The children have only seen her a couple of times since she murdered her husband (who, of course is being accused of abusing her even though he now has no ability to defend himself and she never filed any kind of report while he was living).

Keith Ablow, a forensic psychiatrist, told the judge that Winkler’s mental condition is still unstable though she has undergone counseling since her conviction and is taking medication.

“I have no confidence that we know where Mrs. Winkler is clinically today, let alone six weeks from now or six years from now,” said Ablow, who has a syndicated TV show bearing his name.

I’m sure this is the reason for “supervised visits” but supervised visits, if they are perceived to go well will move to the next level, and so on. How can this be in the best interests of these children? Please, can someone explain that to me???

Mary Winkler said “”We can begin healing together and let God guide us.” I would not be surprised if some idiotic judge awards this woman full custody of these kids. GOD HELP THEM if it happens. They are going to need all the help they can get.

Angela said:

ptg said:

As long as there isn't a bathtub in the house...

Devra said:

Mary Winkler"s lawyer said that she had,as he put it,succumbed to the pressures of life.Right! Her life was so horrible.You know,I have more sympathy for someone like Aileen Wuornos.I can understand why she did what she did,and so did she.I"M not saying that I condone what Aileen did,but it makes sense ,considering how deprived and abused she was.Her life was doomed from the start. I really don"t think that Mary Winkler realizes the changes that her actions have brought about.Her children will always know that she is the reason that their lives were changed forever.Nothing will ever be the same for them.She can"t just pretend it away,like it never happened.

nairda said:

Mary Winkler makes me sick!! What really is sick about her is all of the "alleged abuse" Members of the community, nor any of her own family saw or heard ANYTHING. Apparently, the jury that found her innocent were so sympathetic,they seemed to care very little for the evidence presented. This murdered husband will NEVER have the opportunity to defend if he is an abuser or not. This was ONE desperate woman. All of the check writing scams. Like she didn't know about this Nigerian scam! Even people in small towns have knowlege of that! She knew she was in deep trouble and she was desperate to get free of it and him. And then had the NERVE to say she didn't remember pulling the trigger! Same ol' story a lot of murderers use! I hope and pray she gets hers one day! And her interview on Oprah was appsolutely pathetic! She is a cold hearted killer that is obvious. Attempting to hide behind southern gentility!!!!!

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