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Marriage, my ass!

Man accused of having knife in airport

ROMULUS, Mich. A Michigan man is charged with possessing a weapon at an airport.


Authorities say the man attempted to board a flight in Detroit Thursday with a knife hidden in a book.


They say he had a one-way ticket to his native Yemen.


The 21-year-old was arraigned yesterday and jailed. If convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison.


A spokesman for the Detroit Metropolitan Airport says the knife had been placed in a carved-out section of a book.

His lawyer says the man was returning to Yemen to get married.

Was the knife a gift for his bride-to-be? Perhaps this “bride-to-be” was one of the seventy-some-odd virgins waiting for her martyr?

forest hunter said:

The moron w/the cellphone parked up his wazoo and this idjut drew straws. Fortunately there was only a single phone book between them. Lucky for idjut, the moron w/the cell phone drew the short straw, cause it would've required cramming an entire box of ziplocks up the poop chute to save his sphincter.

Vancouver said:

Ah, it's the old Wedding Party story again! :mrgreen:

goesh said:

The fellow was just being practical. He might have needed to knife after the wedding to use in an honor killing had she been caught with a bare head in public or looking at another man.

Chris said:

That is a pretty hard one to explain, huh? String 'em up!!!!

Nancy said:

Now wait a minute....we gotta be FAIR about this. We need to make sure that he has all the appropriate representation: good, expensive lawyer, perhaps the ACLU, and even though he's from Yemen we could get a hold of Al Sharpton or some such.

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