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Letter to ACLU Members

A Letter To ACLU Members: One of the most common comments and hate mails I get besides the "you are a nazi that hates freedom" ones, is the infamous "You just inspired me to give $100 to the ACLU", or the "I just re-upped my ACLU membership" ones. This post was inspired by you people.

Dear Mr. or Ms. ACLU Member,

Please work with the ACLU to reform some of their policies. Please get them to disclose their Policy guide so everyone can see what they truly stand for. If they are truly about freedom, they should have nothing to hide.

Please work with them to reform their position on the second amendment. If they are truly to be the defenders of the Constitution, it should be the entire Constitution and not just what is in line with their agenda. Tell them that the First Amendment applies to everyone, not just those that agree with their interpretation. Let them know that Pro-life demonstrators should have their free speech defended as well, and not ignored. Civil liberties should not be a selective process if you are to claim protecting it for all. If the ACLU cared as much for pro-life free speech as it does for NAMBLA their integrity on their claim to be might not be so questionable.

Ask them to work with the government instead of against it in homeland security issues. I’m sure they will come to some dead ends and disagreements, but a positive outreach to show they actually care about American security more than the imaginary rights of some terrorist could do wonders for their tarnished image. Refusing money from loyal contributors because they don’t want their money to go towards the advancement of terrorism makes many Americans leery on giving their money too. It also might help if they didn’t work with organizations known to have terrorist ties.

Please talk to them about completely dropping their position on child porn distribution legalization. It’s just plain sick. Let them know that comparing Christians to terrorists is not a good way to get new membership. And tell them I said to have a Merry Christmas this year, and to take it easy on the baby Jesus stuff. Nobody is trying to create a theocracy. Tell them to relax, and enjoy the "winter break." And give everyone else a break about too.

Best of luck with that membership,

Stop the ACLU Blogburst team.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU blogburst. Over 100 blogs are on board. If you would like to join go to our portal and register. We will add you to our mailing list and send you the simple instructions to be a part of our movement.

Note from Merri:  A comment was left on this post that made perfect sense to me.  In my opinion, in a time that people are suffering and homeless, it is much more important that my site encourages donations that go to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, more so than efforts of other organizations such as Stop the ACLU.  That being the case, I have removed the donations button from this post and encourage you, if you are wishing to make donations, to consider some of the great organizations that are collecting money for victims of Hurricane Katrina (I have a few links in my left sidebar).  I want to make it clear that this is my opinion, and since I own this site, it’s important to me that it reflects my ideas, opinions and beliefs.  Thanks!

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Jay said:

Thank you so much Merri!

Merri said:

Thanks to Raven for posting for me as I suffer from "too much work" syndrome!!

That's Important said:

Yes, let's post Make A Donation to Jay instead of Katrina relief.

After all, our pet causes trump reality, right, Jay?

Seth said:


Raven said:

ouch. LOL

Merri said:

Please see my update on the post.

Raven said:

Merri, thank you for bringing this up here and for updating this. When I posted this for you, it was early, early in the morning and it never occurred to me what I was not thinking about....it was a lack-of-coffee- moment. LOL.