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Kiss my ass, Cindy Sheehan!

Parents of slain soldiers visit Iraq

LYERLY, Ga. After her son was killed in Iraq, Jan Johnson needed to see where he died and determine whether he died in vain.

So she, her husband and five other people traveled to Iraq last month as a scout team for a bigger trip next year.

The Johnsons were never able to go the Baghdad slum of Sadr City, where Justin Johnson was killed by a roadside bomb in April 2004.

But the travelers say they found a cause worth fighting for in the Kurdistan region in northern Iraq. Suicide bombers rarely strike there, and the insurgency has little support among minority Kurds who were oppressed by Saddam Hussein.

They say their sons were viewed as liberators and they were treated as heroes.


Debra Bastian’s son was killed in a plane crash in Iraq in May 2005. She met a woman whose two sons and husband were killed by Saddam. She says the woman accepted a photograph of Bastian’s son, tucked it in a framed picture of her lost loved ones and said, “now your son is my son.”

Why don’t you recognize your OWN son as a hero? Perhaps then your life wouldn’t be so miserable and you wouldn’t be jerked around by the groups that are constantly trying to tell us different!!!

Jo said:

Sheehan is an empty shell that needs filling, and instead of turning to God to do that, she runs to the godless, ie: liberals. So sad.

ptg said:

You are braver than I, Nancy. I wouldn't let Cindy kiss my ass.

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

I'd be sure to get my fiber in on THAT day!!!!

Madelin Farfan said:


I say great BIG "amen!" to that! Cindy is a publicy-hound, who can't see past her own large nose and need to be seen. She stands for nothing, she believes in nothing. She represents no particular group that I see. Your '15 minutes' are up Cindy, so take a hike...fast.

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