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It’s St. Patrick’s Day….

Nancy said:

We didn't even rise to the title "Amateur" Saturday night. We hung out in our (new) hot tub drinking Busch Lite, which you'll be pleased to know, kept two drunks off the street that night! LMAO!

matt said:

I am fuming mad about these ultralow life, scum-sucking child molesters and their protectors. Having just read about the poor boy in Georgia and the vile cretons who tortured him and then killed him there is no reason not to burn them at the stake and those who defend them. What the heck can we do to get a National Death Penalty for these "animals" going and start talking openly about how vile and destructive pedophiles really are. Got a problem with executing them? No problem, hold a lotto for flipping the switch of pulling the trigger. I'll buy $1,000.00 worth of tickets. Just infuriating that these molesters are even allowed to be alive let alone walking. Matt

ptg said:

As a Norwegian American, St. Patrick's Day just makes me want to pillage an Irishman's house. Otherwise its just another day of stinking cheese and rotten fish.

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