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It’s Bauer Night!

The 24 FANatics over at Blogs4Bauer are at it again, liveblogging the events from tonight. Be sure to stop by and visit…but not just the live blogging post - there’s tons of great stuff over there!

My favorite lines (or actions) from tonight:

…the slap. Pow, right on the Prez’s face. Go get ‘em First Lady!

“Shut Up, Edgar!” ~ Chloe

“Trust me. You don’t want to go down this road with me.” ~ Jack, at his finest

…dangling, dangling, Cummings is dangling…do you think Mike had anything to do with that? Guess the First Lady’s comeback speech can be placed in the shredder…time to start over.

Oh…and those poor guys - teased with the anticipated arrival of Kim. Ya’ll should have KNOWN she wouldn’t be there this week. It’s in the script yanno!

Sigh…I hate it when it’s over - an hour isn’t long enough. At least there are blogs to lean on. You’ve got to go check out Blogs4Bauer…you’ll be glad you did!!

Now…off to see more of season three!

Jo said:

Hooked ... you guys are hooked. My recap is up ;)

Margo Demers said:

When I saw that Audrey was being sent to pick up Kim, I looked at my husband and said "here we go". Whenever Kim is involved with anybody on 24, common sense goes all to hell.

I LOVE this show.