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It’s Alive!

Yep…I’m alive. And I’m sorry I’ve been absent!

Yanno, sometimes life has a way of steering us in one direction only to take sharp twists and turns before we get there. Do I enjoy blogging? Sometimes, yes. But if it’s only to regurgitate what everyone else is writing about, well, that’s where I’ve lost interest. My observations the last few weeks?

We had a helluva snowstorm. Kids out of school, me working from home one day (and shoveling 2′ snowdrifts with a shovel until the freaking snow blower started…and had to lift the snowblower on TOP of the drifts or it would stop running!). Real Life-1, Blogging-0.

Work - busiest quarter since I’ve been there. A good problem to have, other than that whole life outside of work thingy. Real Life-1, Blogging-0.

Kids - they are far more entertaining than anything I would spend my time online doing. Real Life - 889.9 bazillion, Blogging-big fat zero.

Okay….I could whine forever, but I’ll leave it at this. I hate this time of year. I’m not a winter person by nature anyway, so sitting on the end of winter, when we are teased by spring only to get tons of snow dropped on us really drives me insane. I hate coats, I hate blue windshield stuff, I hate tax season, I hate annual review time, I hate annual planning, I can’t stand static and cold drafts by the doors really tick me off. And I hate sweaters, and salt on the roads/sidewalks that ruins my shoes. I want to open my window, get some fresh air and feel a warm breeze. THAT is mostly why I haven’t been blogging. I’d rather lay on the couch watching American Idol, or some other show that grabs my attention for an hour or so that allows me to escape, to be easily amused. Shoot, I don’t even turn on my computer until the kids go to bed at night. A few times I didn’t turn it on at all.

Things I thought about blogging about included: Anna Nicole Smith, Rachael Ray getting bit by a dog, Couey’s Guilty conviction, all the murdering spouses, parents, pedophiles, and freaks. And the snowstorm. And how much I hate winter. And the guy that got killed by a cow in Nebraska. And American Idol, and 24. And idiotic Chuck Hagel and his ridiculous desire to become the next president (I swear it’s the only thing that would be close enough to turn me into a Democrat!!!). And the Oscar crap, and all the other awards crap. I could go on, but if what I was going to write about was interesting to anyone outside of myself, it was depressing and infuriating enough that I had a hard time putting words on the screen.

I’ve heard many talk about how burned out they are with blogging (my friend Beth and my Hubby to name a couple), but they seem to be getting at least a little bit out of the slump. I don’t know if I will. The only thing people come here to see seems to be pictures of Rachael Ray in FHM. Even when I *was* writing more stuff that and “John Cusimano” pictures were the two items most compelling to people to come to this site.

Eh…maybe I’ll snap out of it. Maybe I won’t. But I know I haven’t snapped out of it yet. Perhaps you couldn’t tell?!?


I never knew that about Rachel Ray....does this make her an official sell-out?

Merri said:

Well, given that she had the pictures done several years ago, I'd have to say no. And if she had done them recently, I'd guess that her hubby might think it's pretty exciting to see his wife in FHM. Oh, and the fact that she would probably make a pretty penny if she did it today would make her quite business-minded. ...and it's not like she was nude or anything.

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