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I’m Lucky I Wasn’t Paying Attention…

Cindy “Shee-Hag” Sheehan was here in Omaha today. Boy, it’s good I wasn’t paying attention, or I’d have been there, protesting her very presence in my state. BUT…on the contrary, I’m glad I wasn’t there as I may 1) be in jail right now or 2) may be adding fuel to the fire as she doesn’t care what type of attention she gets…just as long as it’s attention, right?

For two years she’s been the most public face of protest to the war in Iraq.

Well, her and about a bazillion Hollywood types.

Among Sheehan’s messages, “one person can make a difference.”

Yes, Shee-Hag, that’s true. Your son made a significant difference in the war on terror by going to fight for our freedom. He lost his life, but you’ve stolen his dignity.

Protestors to Sheehan’s message were visible Sunday. It’s something Sheehan has faced all along, but in the last year she says it’s decreased dramatically.

Let me guess. She’s going to blame Bush’s lower approval ratings for the decrease in protests at her little self-fests.

“And if I would have been here a year ago after my first Camp Casey there would have been a lot more protest and opposition. And it is dwindling as support for George Bush and the war dwindles opposition to our message also dwindles,” says Cindy Sheehan.

Yep, she went there (duh!). Of course she fails to realize that less and less just don’t give a shit what she has to say as it matters so little.

And for those who did protest, they were there for the right reasons…

Other people say they wanted to show the troops they have support on the homefront.

Ian Daharsh of the UNO College Republicans says “Our point is to have a positive rally to try and support our troops to try and counter some of Sheehan’s anti-war, anti-troop message. We just wanted to do something positive today.”

Shee-Hag…don’t let the large foot of this very Red State kick you in the ass on your way out. Wait…go ahead. Let it…and you don’t need to come back!

Love Global Warming linked with Well Known AntiWar Activist Visits Omaha

Well Known AntiWar Activist Visits Omaha

Guess who is coming to Omaha?

ptg said:

I seem to have forgotten how to operate a trackback. Sorry for the confusion. At least I managed to get a link to your nice analysis where it belongs. I think that Omaha's wackier libs deliberately limited touting her visit outside their own little blue circle for fear the anti-Cindy folks would outnumber the anti-war audience.

Chris said:

As an American, I agree with her right to speak her mind, even if it does conflict with my beliefs. I just wish the media would quit egging her on.

Brian B said:

Good post on Sheehan, er, I mean Shee-Hag. She had to visit the state of the only Republican Senator she said she'd endorse. Guess Hagel's worthy of her endorsement......
Also wanted to make sure the class reunion people tracked you down for this summer's get together. Let me know if they haven't. Not too keen on those reunions myself, but at least I know there'll be one other like-minded individual there to talk to if you go!

Merri said:

Doesn't it make you proud to have Hagel represent our fine state? [insert sarcasm here]

I hadn't heard about the reunion...I guess it HAS been that long...damn! I'll email you to get the scoop!

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